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Yes. Specially the children who are blameless for being here illegally since their parents or relatives brought them here. They (the children) did not have a choice. i agree, of course they should. i am a teacher and believe all children deserve an education. Answer . Definatly not. Why should the local taxpayers have to support the education costs of other peoples children who pay NOTHING. This causes a strain on the resources that should be going to teach the children of those that are paying for it. This is why emergency rooms and hospitals are closing up all over the U.S.

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Q: Should illegal immigrants be granted a public education?
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Why did the Dream Act Bill for illegal immigrants fail to pass in the Senate?

Illegal immigrants should not have a dream! They are illegal and should not be here!

Should illegal immigrants have access to public services such as education and health care?

There are some provisions in which illegal immigrants can obtain Tax Payer ID credentials, and therefore if they in turn do so and pay their taxes then they would be entitled to what they are paying for.

Why should illegal immigrants stay?

my opinion is the illegal immigrants should all go there is no reason for them to stay i bet most Americans do not have jobs guess what i this is due to the illegal immigrants if we want a better world then i suggest the illegal immigrants should leave!

Should illegal immigrants have access to social services?


What does it cost taxpayers for illegal immigrants?

taxpayers money pays for illegal immigrants, but people should keep in mind-that illegal immigrants that work, unless they are working under the table, pay taxes too, as to the exact amount of money taxpayers pay that goes to illegal immigrants-only the government knows

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported?

Yes, illegal immigrants should be deported because they didn't have respect for the country they illegally entered. It is also an affront to any person who took the time and effort to enter legally. Send them back. They should at least have the respect to immigrate the right way. The illegal immigrants are breaking the "law". They shouldn't be here. Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes and our citizens have difficulties in getting jobs because of the illegal immigrants. It doesn't matter how hard illegal immigrants work or how bad they have it in their own country, or how many loved ones would be hurt by their deportaion. They are committing a crime and should be punished and deported.

Should immigrants have the right to stay here in the us?

if they are legal immigrants, yes. if they are illegal immigrants, i don't think so.

Should the government provide social services to illegal immigrants?


Why are illegal immigrants good?

I am in no way condoning illegal immigration. However may agricultural and construction jobs hire illegal immigrants to have lower operating costs and to make more profits. You should note that it is against the law to be an illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrants use public resources such as food stamps and public housing. This may cause a US Citizen that is in need not be able to receive assistance.

Can you get a fiancee visa to UK if you are illegal immigrant in the US?

No,Plus that illegal should be charged then deported..Banned for life in the usa..All illegal immigrants need to be found and then deported..

Should young illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in the United States?

If they are mexican no, if they aren't yes

Opinions on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to get driving licenses?

no unless they fix their papers

Should the government provide social services for the illegal immigrants?

yes because the earth is for or everybody we should help today

Why should children of illegal immigrants be educated?

Illegal immigrant children should be educated because they should not be blamed for the actions there parents have done. They should be able to receive the same education Americans do because they are not the one to blame. As an American you have two choices in where you decide your tax money should go to, and that is educated more illegal immigrants or having to support the social service and prison system. if these innocent children do not receive an education they will become illiterate criminals in our society. I am an eight grader who attends Mother Caroline Academy, an all-girls Catholic School, and i have family that immigrated to the U.S. and became citizens and because they did become citizens i stand before you today and am able to provide you with this information and be very well educated and proud to say that i am a Hispanic that supports Illegal immigrant children getting an education. These children could learn to read, write and speak English if we all give to them. If these children become educated, they will want to open businesses which means that they have to hire American citizens to work for them. So they will be giving back to American !! As a young Latina I stand proud and am glad to say I a fourteen year old Dominican named Ashley Mejia answered this question that is such a huge topic in America and did not have a answer for it. I hope i changed the way some Americans may think about Illegal immigrant children not receiving an education. Answer: Children of illegal immigrants are juvenile criminals just as their parents are criminals, they entered this country by illegal means and should not be afforded the rights to education as are Legal immigrants and natural born citizens.. (if illegal immigrants enter this country and then have a child, then yes that child should be educated because by law that child is a citizen as they are born in the USA.) However their parents remain illegal immigrant (criminals) "If these children become educated, they will want to open businesses which means that they have to hire American citizens to work for them. So they will be giving back to American" These Children that entered the US illegally with their parents grow up to be illegal immigrants they are not citizens, therefor they will not open any business, nor hire American workers, nor will they give back to America... The demands on our society by the illegal immigrants are far more than their contributions to our society. US Tax Payers are already supporting enough illegal immigrants by providing welfare, housing, healthcare for illegal criminals they should not be asked to foot the bill to educate illegal children which are in essence juvenile criminals wanted by the federal authorities..

Should Children of illegal immigrants stay here?

No, they should return with their families.

Do illegal immigrants need a green cards?

Well if there illegal and already in the country what is the point of getting one. To acquire a green card one needs to get it in the country in which they originated from. But yes, all immigrants should have some form of identification that shows they legally immigrated to another country, so illegal immigrants need a green card.

Should ALL illegal immigrants in ALL countries be deported?

Yes! It's because it's illegal to enter a country without "proper" documentation.

Should schools provide children of immigrants teachers that speak their native language?

No. It is a fair expectation that immigrants to a new country be expected to learn the local language. However immigrants should receive free language education when they arrive.

How should the government deal with illegal immigration?

Well, this is an answer you should choose yourself. My opinion is that we should kick all immigrants out but there are defenitley other opinions.

Should illegal immigration be allowed in the US?

No, although I am all for people who enter legally and gain citisinship, I don't want illegal immigrants in the US. I don't know why people think it should be ignored, why would we call it illegal immigration if it was allowed?

Should there be stricter laws for illegal immigrants?

Yes, because they don't pay their taxes as much and their needs to be a limited amount because then immigrants may control America

What right should illegal immigrants have?

The right to leave the very same way they got here. The US can no longer support the costs of the illegal alien invasion.

Will illegal immigrants get health insurance under Obama's plan?

No, the Affordable Care Act does not give undocumented (illegal) immigrants health insurance. However, it should be noted that there are some hospital emergency rooms will treat a patient in a crisis situation and not ask about their immigration status.

Should illegal immigrants be made legal citizens?

No they shouldnt. they are illegal, and do not belong here in the first place. They should be returned if caught. We are paying for there children, and they are just causing crimes. They have NO control over there kids what so ever.

Why illegal immigrants should stay here in the us?

because they can do jobs that Americans are not willing to do, and they could make the contry better.