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If I have GOOD genes, and am not likely to end up with cancer, Heart disease or other expensive types of medical conditions, why should I be required to pay the same rate for insurance as those who have a high likleyhood of getting such diseases?

Insurance is about probability and risk. Insurance companies pool a bunch of people together, determine the risk of a particular disease and calculate how much it will cost, then decide how much to add to the price of insurance to cover people for the disease. They are covering their risk.

It's the same with auto insurance. Mature, careful drivers are not charged as much for insurance as are immature or careless drivers. People who have been arrested for drunk driving are considered to be very high risk drivers and as such their insurance rates are very expensive. Do you think that careful drivers should pay as much as careless drivers? Careful drivers don't think so, just as people with healthy ancestors don't generally think that lower medical and life insurance rates are a bad idea if we aren't likely to get a disease.

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Does Disney hire gay people?

I would hope so. Companies are not allowed to discriminate based upon sexual preference. However, if I were you, unless I was willing to be involved in a law suit, I wouldn't ADVERTISE it.

Can you work for two different life insurance company?

yes why not? Its depend on my ability & capablity Edit: to complete the answer above, many insurance companies depend on insurance agents and brokers to make customers aware of different policy details, etc. Some companies have captive agents who are not allowed to sell other companies' insurance products, but most of them work with contracted insurance brokers which can sell insuranceproducts from different competing companies. This benefits the client ultimately since each insurance company has to show not only the potential clients but alsothe brokers why their product is better.

Under the Constitution government is allowed to discriminate in some way among groups of people. Otherwise the government would be unable to .?

Wrong, the government is not allowed to discriminate. We have laws against discrimination of race, gender, ability, religion, age.

What are the insurance rates for an uninsured motorist in Pennsylvania?

Insurance is a very important part of driving and in most states your not allowed to drive if you don't have insurance on your car already, but there are a list affordable Auto Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania. The top pick however, is Safe Auto.

What is special interest in making laws?

A special interest is a group or business who wants something written into law that will benefit them alone and no one else. We have a lot of that in state and federal laws. A good example is in 1946 a law was passed that allowed health insurance companies not to come under the laws the antitrust laws. This has allowed the insurance companies to dominate the market and to force completion out.

Do insurance companies have a right to accept or reject you for insurance coverage based on the results of voluntary and confidential genetic testing predicting your future health?

No, insurers are not allowed to discriminate against people who have had genetic testing. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 specifically prohibits health insurers from using genetic test results to charge people different rates or to refuse to cover them. The law protects people from discrimination by health insurers and employers on the basis of DNA information.

Are RV parks allowed to discriminate against my Rottweiler?

They can discriminate against whatever dog breed they see fit and you can see fit to stay at another "dog-friendly" RV park. Vote with your feet.

Can your insurance company raise your premium after you report a loss?

Insurance companies are not allowed to raise your premium if you onoy reported ONE loss but keep in mind that they can always use other reasons such as an across the board premium increase.

What is the best place to find insurance quotes online?

Since we are not allowed to provide links, I would suggest to look in you Yellow Pages and see which insurance companies offer local service. You can compare quotes by calling around.

Finding RV Insurance?

When you get an RV, you need a special type of insurance to keep it legally on the road. Because of the different nature of driving an RV, you need to have certain qualifications before you are ever allowed to get that special insurance. Of course, this depends on the size and nature of the RV you own, but for larger RV's this is definitely the case. For example, if you own a large RV then you will likely need to get your "C" class license before you'll ever be allowed to get insurance for it. When you're looking for RV insurance, make sure you look online first. Most online insurance companies are able to offer you comprehensive coverage at a fraction of what other companies would cost.

What is rebating in life insurance?

Rebating is when the insurance agent takes a portion of his or her commission and gives it to the person applying for life insurance. Rebating is illegal in most states, exceptions used to be CA and FL. Even if Rebating is allowed in a particular state, most life insurance companies forbid their agents from participating in this practice.

What does eighty twenty coinsurance mean?

Eighty twenty coinsurance is usually expressed 80/20 by insurance companies. The first number (80) represents the percentage of payment an insurance company will pay for a service and the second number (20) is the percentage the person receiving the service is required to pay. Other popular coinsurance amounts are 70/30, 60/40, 50/50. It is important to note a couple of factors in determining when an insurance company will pay coinsurance. First, an insurance company will only pay 80% on what the insurance considers the "allowed" amount of a fee. Generally insurance companies have fee schedules which designate the maximum amount they will pay on any particular service. This allowed amount could be more or less than the fee that is charged for the service (usually the allowed amount is lower than the fee). Second, an insurance company will only pay 80% for services rendered after the insured has satisified their deductible. Therefore, if your insurance policy has a deductible of $500, the insured must pay out $500 towards their claims then insurance companies will consider paying 80% coinsurance on the remaining balance of unpaid services. Coinsurance does not apply to deductible amounts. Third, the service that is rendered must be a covered service under the insurance policy. If the service is not a covered service most insurance policies will not pay for the service, and usually it does not apply towards the deductible either. Lastly, if the provider of the service does not have a contract with your insurance company, the insured will most likely owe the difference between the allowed amount of the insurance company and the billed amount from the provider. Coinsurance does not apply to the portion of the fee that exceeds the insurance companies allowed amount. Billing the insured for this difference is referred to as balance billing.

What is the number of points you are allowed to have before insurance companies deny your claim for auto insurance?

The number of points have nothing to do with an insurance claim. If you are asking about a company refusing to give you auto insurance, it depends on your state and the individual insurance company. For example I have received reports of one company refusing to renew any driver with a 20mph over the limit ticket.

Should IRDA allowed merger and aquisition in general insurance?

The proposal for mergers of 4 general insurance companies under one single umbrella by IRDA in India have been placed before their consideration but no decision has been taken as yet.

Who is allowed to see your credit report?

Any entity who is considering extending credit to a potential borrower is allowed to see your credit report. The following list provides a subset of those entities who may look at your credit: * Telephone companies * Gas/Electric companies * Cable/Satellite companies * Landlord/Rental companies * Insurance companies * Any and all Financial Services Providers The credit bureaus use stringent rules in who they will allow sharing of data with in order to protect your privacy.

Are gingers allowed in the navy?

The Military does not discriminate. They don't care what color anyone's hair is. They don't even have to have hair, as long as they are healthy!

How is the caste system bad?

Because it allowed people to discriminate, torture, rape and kill people who weren't guilty of any crime.

How many points are you allowed to have on your driver's license?

You are allowed 12 point on your licence in the UK, then your licence is revoked. If you have had your licence for less than 2 year your limit is 6 points. Insurance companies and hire companies may either deny their services or impose severe financial penalties for your having points on your licence. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR THE UK ONLY!?

Does the University of Oklahoma have rules against convicted felons attending or graduating?

As a publicly funded state institution the University is not legally allowed to discriminate.

Will a pregnant fiance be covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield when married and added to husband's insurance?

If the fiancée has Blue Cross Blue Shield and the husband has the same, I am sure that they will allow her to be added to his insurance policy. If the pregnant fiancée uses a different insurance company, then she may or may not be allowed to be added to the husbands insurance policy. Again, this varies case to case because of the different policies different individuals have. For the most accurate information, please contact your insurance representative. The pregnancy would be a pre-existing condition, so many insurance companies would not cover the costs. You should call the insurance companies involved to get an official answer.

Do traffic tickets ever go away in wa?

Your state driving record is maintained for a period of five years, however insurance companies I believe are allowed to maintain records for 7 years.

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