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Should kids have pet birds?

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That depends; I would say yes as long as they are not dangerous and they are not expensive in case it dies or flys away. I think they should only have pet birds if they are responsible enough to care for a living thing. If they're aren't then they should NOT be allowed to own a bird.

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Do bunnies like kids?

Not small kids or very young kids. Pet Rabbits or Bunnies are very delicate, and should not be given as a pet to children or kids, under the age of 8.

Why kids should have pets?

A child owning their own pet or a family pet can grow in their responsibility.

What are some pet studies kids can do?

There is bunny's, Dogs, Cats,Rats , Mice, Birds, Fish, Hamster and other animals that can be a pet like a (Pig or Cow)!!

What should you do when your pet birds died?

Give it a proper Burial in a nice place.

How do you get wrom's from your pet?

you can get worms from pet birds

Can you get a pet rabbit if you have pet birds?


Do pet birds have to get shots?

No, you do not typically have to get shots for birds.

Do all pet birds know how to fly?

yes,but other pet birds don't fly far

What animals are in Netherlands?

In the wild? Birds ( little birds, predator birds, owls etc. ) dogs( as pet) , cats( as pet ), guinea pigs ( as pet ), rattelsnakes and more animals but i don't know them

Do birds eat fungi?

Birds do not generally choose to eat fungi and you should not feed pet birds fungi. They can easily upset a bird's stomach and even cause liver failure.

What are the most popular pet birds?

The most popular pet birds would be budgies. They are small and easy to tame.

Why Should kids 10-16 have pet?

they learn resbonsibility and un-selfishness

Do pet birds have diseases?

Usually not. Birds that are at aviaries and pet stores have been through inspections to make sure they are healthy.

Can pet birds die of fright?

yes... birds can die of stress

Where do pet birds live?


Favorite pet in China?


What birds are cept as a pet?


How much do pet birds cost?

usually pet birds cost 100$ or more i bought a white albino cockatiel that was 200$

Is camera flash harmful to pet birds?

There is no scientific evidence to prove that using a camera flash when photographic pet birds is harmful.

What is the game pet pet park?

Pet pet park is a interactive site for young kids.

Can a pet on pet party get pregnant?

No. You cant have real kids on pet party. You can ask a friend to act as your kid, but otherwise you cant have kids.

Do pet birds make a lot of noise?

It really depends on what kind of birds you get.

Which bird food do birds like best?

Most bird love millet. It should be at any pet store. Also just saying you should feed your bird lettuce because if you don't your bird will die earlier.(sorry) Ask your pet store about pellets for birds too. Seeds should not be the only food in your bird's diet.

How do you get a baby bird?

Go TO the pet store and ask for the small birds or if you want to get a big birds like eagle or whatever, you should order it from the internet . i hope this information helped you

Can pet birds eat carrots?