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Should men wear bras?

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Normally, human males do not possess breasts. The average male has no need of a bra.

Excessive fatty deposits can result in ample chest furniture, as can hormonal imbalances that may lead to the development of genuine breast tissue. There are actually products for reducing the visual impact of gynecomastia ('man boobs') which are touted as 'man Bras'. These are generally intended to flatten the chest rather than to support it, and are certainly not designed to 'lift and separate'. The aesthetic appeal of a man bra is in diminishing the chest's profile rather than attempting to enhance it.

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Do gay men wear bras?

No. Only women wear bras.

What is the school uniform for itt tech?

Men should wear speedos and woman should wear bikinis and bras

What did second class men wear?


Why don't men wear bras?

Cause they dont have boobs -.-

Should a man be allowed to wear bras?

yes because some men have saggy man boobs and they make special bra's for men too.

Why men don't wear bras?

Men don't wear bras because they like having erected nipples, and the bras will keep them inserted. The bra will degrade the man, and the men like being the superior sex. Wearing a bra will make them look silly, and therefore undermine their authority as a male. However, some men desperately need them.

If your a guy that's a 32AA does that mean you should wear a bra?

No! men don't wear Bra's ! that's not right. But if you are worried then you should ask someone you really trust.YES! i have 36bb an i wear bras on a daily basis

How many men wear feminine lingerie bras panties slips?


Why men dont wear bras?

Its because they don't have a big boobs and a big nipples.

Can men wear sports bras?

I guess men can but I think it would just have to be flay or what ever one fits u

Men wearing bras?

Although it may sound strange why not? There are some men who like it to wear a bra. Ok. So what´s wrong with that?

What should I do if I like wearing womens bras?

Buy some bras and have fun! I assume you are male - males who like to wear women's clothes are called transvestites. This is usually not at all related to being gay or wanting to be female, but is just a quirk some men have.

What did the Tequesta wear?

the tequesta tribe wore hula skirts for the men and coconut bras for the women and hula skirts.

Do men like bras?

some men do

Do BOY Wear girls bras?

Umm . . . not unless they're trannys which is true to a point. but males do wear bras that arent trannys, they are bras worn by men with gynecomastia (the development of abnormally large mammary glands in males resulting in breast enlargement), usually to flatten and conceal rather than lift and support.

Do men prefer bras or bra free?

i think they prefer bras.

Can a boy wear a bra?

They say that lady's breasts are more raised that's what bras are for men would wear vests or nothing lady's can wear bra's vest's or a undershirt their choice

Should real men wear ankle socks?

"Real" men wear what they are comfortable with.

Why cant men wear bras?

well first it would ruin their reputation terably and second y would they they don't have anything to put in them but if a guy wants to then i think he should :) show your true colors:)

What cup size do most guys wear in a bra?

Men do not wear bras. And if they choose to do so they can pick any size they wish since they can stuff it with w/e they want.

Should men wear shorts in Malawi?

Malawi is a hot country and men do wear shorts there.

Should Men wear COACH?


Why do men wear bras?

They could wear one for several reasons. One being they are a crossdresser and love female underwear or they are transgender and need to wear one and last but not least, for medical reasons like gynocamastia. You the medical condition that some men have. It is the development of breast tissue in men and while I do have that, they can hurt when not in a bra.

Should men wear lipstick can men wear high heels?

There are many men that wear lipstick and high heels. Some think it is okay and some think that only women should wear high heels and lip stick.

Why men can't wear shorts?

WHAT!?! Men can wear shorts, just as long as they are not to short (Should be at the knees)