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Most brand new printers will come with starter ink cartridge. If it did not call the 1800 number on the back of the box. They will more than likely ship you one.

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Can I refill my printer toner cartridges by just buying printer ink?

Something like that. What you should do is purchase a kit for refilling ink cartridges. They aren't very expensive, about $15 for 7 refills, and just follow the instructions that come with the kit.

How do I learn how to print ink cartridges?

You don't print cartridges. You install them in your printer. When you buy a cartridge, it should come with step by step instruction on how to remove the old cartridge and install the new one.

What type of HP cartridges can you buy online?

You can buy a wide variety of HP cartridges online, whether you're looking for computer printer ink, inkjet ink, laser printer ink, or toner for other devices such as xerox machines. The cartridges come in all different colors.

What are the 3 colors used in color printer ink cartridges?

The three colors used in color printer ink cartridges are light red, light blue and yellow. We've come a long way from the days of the typewriter when we only had black or red.

How to Install an Ink Cartridge Canon Printer?

If you want to install an ink cartridge canon printer, you should follow whatever instructions came with your particular model of printer. In many printers, you need to lift up the lid for the device and the ink cartridges will automatically come to the opening where the lid was covering.

Are Dell printer cartridges cheap?

Dell printer cartriges, come in a wide variaty of cost levels. Depending on the type of cartridge you need, ie black in or coloued ink. Also the size of the cartridge needed, to suit your printer.

Are New Printers Full Of Ink?

As long as it was not used as a test model, a new printer should come with a full ink cartridge. These original ink cartridges should not have been used at all in the past. Most of the time, they will not even be installed. You will get them in a separate box so that you can know that they are new. Demonstration models may not have full cartridges, though, since they were used in the store.

How do you get a CD so that you can install your printer to your computer?

It depends on which printer. Printer drivers should come with the printer. Another option is to look on the Internet under the company which made the printer. Often the required software can be downloaded free.

Do ink cartridges come in color?

Yes, color inkjet cartridges are available for virtually any brand of inkjet printer. Some cartridges contain ink that can produce a rainbow of colors while others produce a more limited number, usually ranging from one to four. These cartridges are sold singly or in various multi-packs. Brand-name color ink cartridges are available, as well as aftermarket cartridges designed to fit specific printers. You can find color ink cartridges at many brick-and-mortar and online stores.

How to Save Money on Printer Ink?

While home printers can be very convenient, ink cartridges are often expensive. Printer manufacturers often sell printers at less than they cost to build. These costs are recouped through very expensive cartridges. A full set of printer cartridges may cost more than the value of the printer.There are several ways to save money on printer cartridges. It's important to use the right type of cartridge for a printer.Generic CartridgesGeneric cartridges are often cheaper than cartridges provided by a manufacturer. Many generic cartridges may be less than half the price of a genuine cartridge. Most generics use high quality ink, offer good print quality, and can be returned or recycled for a small stipend.There are several concerns when using a generic cartridge. Many printer manufacturers will embed a proprietary computer chip in their printer cartridges. This will make the printer reject any cartridge that is manufactured by a third party. In addition, the nozzle on some third party printers may not provide excellent print quality. While they can be used to print text and images, they may not be able to produce high quality photos.Refilling CartridgesRefilling cartridges can be an excellent way to save money. It may cost less than $1 to refill an expensive cartridge. It's important to one's needs when refilling printer cartridges. A refilled cartridge will not deliver print results on par with a new printer cartridge. A refilled cartridge shouldn't be used for high quality photos, resumes, or other documents that need to be perfect. However, refilled cartridges can be an excellent way to save money for every-day activities.Refilling a printer cartridge is simple. Most refill kits come with a small screw, a packet of ink, and a piece of tape to reseal the cartridge. It's important to make sure that a refilled cartridge isn't leaking any ink. In addition, some refilled cartridges may need to be 'reset' -- this will allow the printer to recognize the cartridge as new.It's easy to save money on printer cartridges by following these steps. While a refilled or generic cartridge may not deliver professional quality results, it can be a great way to save money.

Do you have to buy any ink for your Inkjet printer?

Inkjet Printers and all printers use ink to function. While the printer may come with initial ink cartridges you may want to purchase the next set of ink you'll need before those go out completely.

What Printer Needs Toner Cartridge?

Given the prevalence of technology, computers and printers are becoming increasingly important in both the home and the office. But with these devices comes a great deal of operating information that can often be difficult to understand. Printing equipment, particularly toner cartridges, can quickly rack up costs, making it valuable to thoroughly comprehend which types of cartridges can or should be used. By understanding why certain cartridges are recommended, distinguishing between the different types of toner cartridges, and recognizing the different scenarios in which they can be used, one can use toner cartridges to their full potential. This will help users avoid harmful damages to the printer and its documents. Why Specific Cartridges Are Recommended Printers will almost always recommend their manufacturer's type of toner cartridges, or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges. For example, an HP printer will recommend using HP toner. There are two main reasons behind this. On the surface, an OEM cartridge will be guaranteed to function properly, as opposed to other types of cartridges. However, by recommending their specific toner cartridges, the manufacturers are also trying to increase their profits, which is a major driving factor behind their recommendations. Although the recommended cartridges will most likely have the highest rate of functionality, it is important to note that just because a cartridge is specified does not mean that other cartridges cannot be used as well. Types of Toner Cartridges The first step in pairing toner cartridges with certain types of printers is distinguishing between the different types of toner cartridges available. There are three main types of toner cartridges, each with their own defining traits. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Cartridges OEM cartridges, or brand name cartridges, are created by a specific printer's manufacturer, not an outside source. These cartridges are the most suitable for that given printer, and are typically backed with a guarantee or warranty. The toner cartridges that come with a new printer are OEM cartridges, although they are usually only partially filled. These cartridges are easily installed in printers, and typically produce the highest quality prints. New OEM cartridges for all major manufacturing brands can easily be found on eBay. However, this accessibility and high quality can come with a hefty price tag. OEM cartridges are often the most expensive of all cartridges. Although they have a high page yield, lowering the actual cost per page, they can often cost as much as a new printer itself. Generic/Compatible Cartridges Generic, or compatible, cartridges are created by a third party, not involving the actual manufacturer of the printer or its original cartridges. These cartridges are modeled after OEM cartridges from most major brands, including HP, Xerox, Dell, and many more. They are typically constructed from completely new parts, but vary slightly from the OEM models due to patents and other restrictions. However, the parts are still compatible with those of an OEM cartridge. Generic cartridges can create high-quality prints, almost to the level of OEM cartridges. This is typically only true, however, when bought from top-rated and trustworthy sellers on eBay. Many of these sellers will even offer guarantees and warranties like OEM toner cartridge sellers do. Smaller, uncertified sellers rarely offer warranties, and can create products that do not produce quality prints. These cartridges can even damage the printer, as they might not be properly constructed. This can often increase the need for reprinting, decreasing the toner's page yield and increasing printing costs. Regardless of quality, generic cartridges are priced significantly lower than OEM cartridges. They may not be recommended by the printer's manufacturer, but they can operate just as well as the endorsed cartridges. Remanufactured Cartridges Remanufactured cartridges have the lowest rate of functionality among toner cartridges. These versions are often recycled cartridges that have been disassembled by an outside party, cleaned, checked, and then reconstructed to be used again. Some sources will even just drill a hole in a used cartridge, refill it with toner, and then plug it back up for use. Although the recycling factor makes them more environmentally friendly, these cartridges typically produce the lowest quality prints and can often be prone to leaking, which would damage the printer and ruin documents. Again, this can lead to reprinting, which increases overall printing costs. Manufacturers of remanufactured cartridges on eBay can still be trustworthy and even offer guarantees, but extra research into the seller would be necessary. Like compatible cartridges, remanufactured models have significantly lower prices than OEM cartridges. Scenarios for Using Different Toner Cartridges Although printers may recommend a specific type of toner cartridge for all printing tasks, there are different scenarios in which certain types of cartridges can be used. This will not always fall in line with the recommendations. These situations range from printing high quality photos, to simple black and white documents. Printing High Quality Photos When it comes to printing photos with high resolutions, quality is of the utmost importance. For this reason, OEM cartridges are the safest bet when printing photos of these sorts. OEM cartridges are guaranteed to produce images of the highest quality, and the risk of blotchiness or streaking is low, which is not always the case with compatible and remanufactured cartridges. The low fail rate of these cartridges is especially beneficial when printing images on expensive photo or glossy paper, as the risk of reprinting, and thus wasting money, is much lower. OEM cartridges themselves are top tier, and are sure to help even the smallest of details come into focus, which is the final goal with printing high quality photos and other similar projects. Color Documents Presentations, school projects, or any sort of documents that do not necessarily call for photo quality prints are more suitable with compatible toner cartridges as opposed to OEM cartridges. Although these cartridges are not always the equivalent of brand name cartridges, they can still get the job done. If bought from a trustworthy seller with a guarantee, as is recommended, compatible cartridges can produce quality prints at a much lower price. If these documents are being printed on quality stock paper, a possible need to reprint, as might be necessary with compatible cartridges, would not run the risk of wasting too much money. Simple Text Documents When printing documents that have mainly text and few photos, and that are of lower personal importance, one can consider using remanufactured cartridges. These types of documents do not require a high quality, and are typically printed on cheap copy paper, which makes the possibility of having to reprint less of a headache. Simple text documents, such as academic papers, also only require black toner, which is easier on the printer and reduces the risk of leaking toner. If getting the documents printed in a cheaper manner is more important than the quality of the documents, using remanufactured cartridges can be a smart choice. Understanding Printer Warranties A common myth surrounding printers, their warranties, and toners is that by using a toner cartridge that is not recommended or required by the printer, the printer's warranty becomes void. On the contrary, voiding a printer warranty because of different toner cartridge usage is actually illegal, according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. Just because a printer recommends a toner cartridge certainly does not mean that type of cartridge is required for use in order to maintain the printer's warranty. The only exception is that if a type of toner cartridge that is not recommended by the printer's manufacturer is used and causes damage, the manufacturer does not have to repair the printer. Still, the printer's warranty is not completely voided. However, if that different type of toner cartridge came with a warranty, the toner's manufacturer can repair the printer. Buyers should never be afraid to purchase a type of toner cartridge that is not recommended by the printer. Where to Buy Toner Cartridges on eBay There are thousands of toner cartridges available for sale, and finding the right one for your printer can be overwhelming. But, purchasing toner cartridges can be easy by shopping on eBay. Remanufactured cartridges, compatible cartridges, and even OEM cartridges can easily be found on the site. To begin the search for a type of toner cartridge, first roll over the Electronics category, and then click on Computers, Tablets and Networking. From there, find the Printers, Scanners and Supplies section, proceed to Ink, Toner and Paper, and then click on Toner Cartridges. Once there, you can use the plethora of options on the left side of the page to quickly narrow your search. By using the "Compatible Brand" category you can search for compatible toner cartridges by the necessary brand. Searching via the "Brand" category will help you find OEM cartridges for your specific printer, and by utilizing the "Condition" category you can search for new or refurbished/remanufactured cartridges. You can even use the main search bar to search cartridges that will fit your specific printer model. By entering your printer brand and model, and then searching under "Toner Cartridges" from the drop-down menu on the right, you can quickly find cartridges that will suit your specific printer. Conclusion Toner cartridges are valuable pieces of printing equipment, whether they are used at home or in the office. With so many different types of documents waiting to print, it is important to know which toner cartridges are suitable for any printing needs. By understanding why certain cartridges are recommended, knowing the differences between the types of cartridges, and realizing which scenarios call for specific cartridges, one can make the right choice in buying the toner cartridges that are best suited for one's printing needs.

What toners are used to produce a color print?

Toner is a powder used for laser printers. It is not to be confused with printer ink. Toner cartridges to be used for color printing come in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Cheap Canon Ink Cartridges Don't Have To Sacrifice Quality?

Canon inkjet printers commonly produce high-quality text documents and color pictures. However, the more use that owners get out of the Canon printer, the faster the cartridges run out of ink. Replacing these cartridges can cost roughly between $10 and $30. Many shoppers want cheap canon ink cartridges, but don't want to sacrifice the quality they have come to expect from every single printout. Purchasing off-brand or generic ink can produce horrible pictures and documents, and possibly even damage the printer. Cheap, but reliable Canon ink cartridges are available at retailers who can offer discounts, such as Walmart, Costco and Overstock.com.

What type of ink does the HP 2600N take?

The HP 2600N printer uses HP Q6000A print cartridges that come in a variety of colors from the standard black to others like Cyan, Yellow or even Red.

What size cartridges does the Quantum GoVault use?

The cartridges come in 40GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB and 320GB capaciities.

Can you buy an off-brand printer ink for photo printing or is it important to buy the name brands?

There's no problem in using off-brand ink cartridges for photo printing.. There are re-manufactured cartridges & refill kits available online . They offer good quality ink without any harm to the Printer.. The set I installed I had trouble getting the Epson printer to recognize. It then gave good results until I upgraded my iMAC to Snowleopard when it repeated it didn't recognize the cartridges and refuses to unfreeze. Putting the Epson Inks back show OK so it must be in the Driver. Any one know the answer? PS See my answer to (What is the benefit of a Printer) Based on my experience, buying an off-brand ink should not be a problem as long as you will choose the one that can easily work compatibly with your printer and with the different options that will come before you once you visit online shops, you can find the best printing supplies that come in different brands like Dell, HP, Lexmark and brother to bring you the highest quality results.

How do you scan pictures into your computer with a printer?

Assuming you're talking about a multi-function printer/scanner/copier. The printer should have come with some operating software. You place the original face-down on the top (as you would on a standard photocopier). Start the software and select 'scan'. this should make the printer scan your document and give you the option to save it.

The price of owning toners and cartridges?

Owning a printer or copier can be an expensive investment. Not only is paper a requirement, so are the ink and toner cartridges, which can be the largest expense of any printing appliance. Most printer and copier companies charge a significantly lower price for the printer itself, but charge a much higher price for each cartridge. There are, however, ways to own ink and toner cartridges for a lower price, thus negating the expense of owning and operating a printer or copier cartridges. One of the easiest ways to replace the ink in your cartridges it to refill them instead of just purchasing new ink and toner cartridges. Many companies, brick and mortar or online stores both offer this service. The cost of refilling the cartridges is significantly lower than purchasing new completely new cartridges. This service can also completed at home. Some suppliers offer a complete do it yourself ink refilling package that can offset the price of cartridges. There are, however, some negatives that might occur from refilling, such as the longevity of the cartridge itself might decrease and the quality of the ink might not be as high if it would have come from the company of the cartridge itself. However one must decided if the price of the ink and toner cartridge might be more advantageous than the lack of age and quality ink. Finally, just the act of recycled used and old toners and cartridges can help decrease the cost of purchasing new. Many large printer companies offer a recycling program that when a customer returns old and used cartridges a coupon may be awarded to take a percentage off the full price of a new toner and ink cartridges. As a word of caution, not all companies do this, so it is in the best interest of the costumer who desires this approach to seek out the full details of a respective recycling program.

Who was the person who invented printers?

Charles Babbage. his name rhymes with cabbage. No single person can be credited with the invention of the first inkjet printer. However, we can safely say that it was invented in 1976 but did not enter the popular consciousness until 1988 when Hewlett Packard released the DeskJet Printer and marketed it like a home consumer item. It must be said, however, that buying this printer and the printer cartridges was not everybody's cup of tea as it was priced at around $1000. A steep price indeed! The Inkjet Revolution If you compare the inkjet printer in use today to those that were launched some twenty years ago, you will find that they have indeed come a long way since then. Though they arrived in the stores in the 1980s; it was way back in the 1970s, that printer companies recognized the fact that the ink based printers were the way forward and this technology would be revolutionary in nature. They began the process of developing printers and printer cartridges. The initial challenge for the company was not only to concentrate on quality but also on affordability. Siemens invented a popular inkjet printer model in 1977 and it became quite popular amongst businesses and organizations. The biggest benefits of this printer were that it sprayed ink only when necessary and were not very expensive. A Few Challenges A major challenge faced by printer developers with regards to this type of printers was the fact that the flow of ink from the print head to the page needed to be controlled. This required cutting edge technological research not only in terms of the printers but also the printer cartridges. Initially the dried ink, clogged the printer head, and even the IBM strategy to use electrically charged droplets for coating the pages with ink was not successful and lacked consumer appeal. This challenge was tackled by two companies namely Hewlett-Packard and Canon. They introduced the inkjet printer in the market that used liquid ink, held in cartridges. These became vastly popular and this technology is still in use today. We earlier, had mentioned that there is no single person that can be credited with invention of inkjet printer; the reason being that it required a whole lot of trial and error on the part of various companies and the contribution of more than one company to develop effective technology. The Inkjet Cartridges An article on these printers won't be complete without mentioning the role of their cartridges in the scheme of things. It is the ink cartridges that played a stellar role in the increasing popularity of these printers. Printer cartridges are the core element of each and very printer and they have also gone through a long and evolved process of development, side by side with the printers. Without the development of printer ink cartridges there would be no inkjet printers. It's as simple as that. As can be seen, the whole process of developing a printer is long and goes through a long period of trial and error. This is one of prime reasons why so many companies have contributed to the development of printing technology.

How can you print from your laptop?

You have to hook the USB cable from the printer up to the laptop. Then a program should come up and direct you from there. you

What kind of device is the HP 1020 Toner?

The actual name for the device is the HP LaserJet 1020 printer. HP 1020 toner is the title for Hewlett-Packard's toner cartridges that are meant to replace those that come with the device when they run dry.

How to Use Ink Cartridges Economically?

An ink cartridge is the replaceable part of an ink jet printer, containing ink and sometimes the print-head. A cartridge will have one or more partitioned ink reservoirs, which can come in one or several colors. There may also be electronic contacts and a chip to communicate with the printer. Follow the tips below to use your ink cartridges economically. • Ink cartridges are expensive. Many people use cartridges made by a company other than the printer manufacture. There will be savings, but quality could fall short of the original manufacturer. • Refilling ink cartridges is another option. Refilling can be safe, but can ruin a printer or yield bad quality. 1 US pint (470ml) of ink will fill 15-17 typical ink cartridges. • Some printers won't print when they think the ink is at a low level. A researcher for the Which? consumer Magazine over-rode this instruction, finding that on one occasion 38 percent more could be printed than the printer would otherwise allow. • In the UK, the price of ink was the subject of an Office of Fair Trading investigation in 2003. Which? claimed that some ink in cartridges cost more than seven times as much as vintage champagne. • Printer manufacturers often break even or lose money selling printers, and they recoup these funds though selling cartridges for as long as the printer endures. This is a “razor and blades” business model, so called because it was pioneered by what is now Global Gilette, a subsidiary of Procter and Gamble, a razor and blade manufacturer. • An industry was spawned by avoidance of new cartridge purchases, refilling cartridges or buying re-manufactured ones from third parties. The manufacturers responded with litigation, reaching the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit with the case Lexmark International v Static Control Components. The court found that reverse-engineering to facilitate compatibility did not fall foul of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. • Canon, Dell, HP and Lexmark cartridges are easy to refill, but Epson cartridges will require a chip resetter. Worse yet, Brother printers have scanners, which can register as empty even if the cartridge is refilled.

Using a Toner Printer Cartridge?

Do you need to buy a new toner printer cartridge? You may not know this, but some people shake their toner cartridges to get more use out of them. The act of shaking a cartridge with ink in it can cause the ink clinging to the sides to fall to the bottom. Be careful about making sure ink is not going to come out of the cartridge while shaking it.

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