Should parents be able to view their child's MySpace page?

Of course! They should be able to view their child's myspace's- that shows they care for them! Absolutely. MySpace isn't like a's an internet site and open and available to anyone who wants to log on and look at it. If you've got something private to say, MySpace sure isn't the place to say it. The police in particular are begging parents to CHECK OUT their children's websites. Porn and preditors of all sorts are after young kids (including teens.) The problem with MySpace or any site is you never see the person and don't know them. The police in Vancouver, B.C., Canada have a department solely for this and have a "sting" operation going on and it's amazing how many pedophiles they have caught already. PARENTS aren't there to be their children's best friends, but to love and protect them. If you find them on any site you dislike then ground them from the computer. Forget the tears, swearing or "I hate you" garbage. You could well be saving your child's life!!!