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Without knowing the age of the female involved it would be difficult to make an informed opinion. If the female is a minor, it would be in the best interest of all parties to have an open and honest discussion about the relationship. Please be advised that ALL states have laws which can pertain to any relationship between unrelated minors and adults. I'm speaking merely as a parent. If my daughter were dating a man more than 20 years older than herself, I would be very concerned. If she were a minor I would pursue all legal options available to me to ensure that this man had no contact at all with her. If she were a young adult, although I couldn't prevent her from dating this man, that would not stop me from voicing my concerns--and I'd likely voice them at every available opportunity. However, if she was a mature adult (as in not just barely an adult) then I might view it differently. Merely my personal opinion, as a parent :)

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Q: Should parents get involved when their daughter is dating a man 21 years older than her?
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Can you date a minor with the minor parents permission?

As long as the parents are okay with their daughter/son dating you

Should you tell your parents that you're dating?

if i were you I wouldn't hid that from my parents because they find in normal and they don't forbid me from dating, but you should imagine how your parents were going to react, if bad is it, you shouldn't tell it, or you should, that's your callthis answer is different for different kinds of parents

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Do you think Parents have a right to tell their daughter their not allowed to date someone anymore?

Honestly, I do. Parents do it for their daughter's safety. If they don't find the boy a good influence, they can decide that she shouldn't date him. It may not be fair in the daughter's point of view. But, parents, as long as the girl is under 18, have every right to do so. Daughters may and will find this very unfair, but it's not like they can do anything about it. And if the parents say do it, the daughter probably should. It's not that the girl doesn't deserve him. Most of the time, it's that the boy is dangerous or not worth her. So, I think the girl should stop dating the boy if their parents told her not to. She should find someone her parents will approve of. Just a bit of advice from me to you. Parents have every right. I'm not a parent. I'm a daughter who is under 18. And no, this has not happened to me. But, I do believe parents have every right to tell their daughter who they can and cannot date.

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Can parents try to arrest a 22 old male for dating their 17 old daughter?

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If you are referring to a man you are dating, yes. Leave him at light speed, especially if your daughter (or son) is under 18.

How old should you be before your parents let you date?

c my parents dont like me dating guys but i date them anyways

What should you do if your parents dont approve of internet dating and they tell you not to do it or else?

i would listen to them!

What should you do if you're dating a guy you really like a lot but his 15-year-old daughter runs his life?

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Can a 23-year-old go to jail for dating a 16-year-old girl if they have parents' permission?

There are no laws regarding dating. All you need is permission from the minor's parents to date their daughter. There are laws regarding sex, which is a totally different thing than just dating.

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Can A 19 yr old get in trouble for dating a 15 yr old Even if its not sexual?

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Can parents call the cops on a 19 yr old for dating their 17 yr old daughter?

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Are there websites to help parents communicate with their teenagers about dating?

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