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Should people burn for practicing black magic?


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  • The last time I checked, burning people alive was illegal.
  • No, but eventually time will come that they will burn, I mean after the resurrection; the souls of mankind will be subjected to judgment by our king of kings the lord thy god. if they deserve to be burned its up to god to decide
  • First ,there is no such thing as 'black magic'. Magic is using the energy that exists which is neither good or bad. It is the intent of the person practicing that determines the result and outcome. Second, no, people should not 'burn' for being Wiccan or pagan and practicing in 'magic'. That was stopped along time ago because it is oppression of others beliefs. It began with Christianity's forceful replacing of paganism with its own religion and now that we live in a modern age of multiple beliefs and religions and freedom of speech and religion that is no longer legal or proper or common practice as it was then. No people should not be oppressed for practicing their own beliefs that is required by their own religion, as long as they are not harming anyone else by doing so
  • Black magic exist just as white does. Look at it like this, white magic is the caress and black the punch.And no they shouldn't be burned, they who do wrong will have their punishment.
  • Black magicians receive all their bad karma when they die. While they are alive, they use spells to push it away, but burning seems pale in comparison to what really awaits them at the moment of their death - a really awful death on the spiritual plan. Some people describe it as your spirit torn apart in million of little pieces and burning forever. People who work with Enochian magick can have a taste of this feeling when they make mistakes.
  • Black Magick is not necessarily "evil", it is only the altering of the natural forces for destructive purposes. Magick is neither good nor evil, it simply exists, and shapes the world, and wizards have learned to alter this force. The wizard is evil, not the magic, so don't lump every Black Wizard in with each other. Oh, and no, magick is not "the workings of evil", or "against God". Priests themselves perform magick. What do you think the blessing of water is to make it Holy Water? You can call them miracles or whatever, but it's nothing more than magick.
  • Black magic is just like any other religion. It isn't real and is made solely to comfort those participating. Murdering someone because they believe they have super powers would be ridiculous.
  • No. Black magic, like all religious beliefs, is not real. It's all made up to make people feel important in this cold, uncaring universe. Besides, people should be able to believe whatever they want, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.
  • If what you mean by your question is "Should someone be tortured in the fires of hell, eternally, for performing an act of what some people would call 'black magic'" I'd probably say no. That's probably a little extreme. I don't even necessarily think Hitler should be tortured eternally - although I think I could be satisfied knowing that he'd be kicked in the groin repeatedly for about a thousand years, without being allowed to pass out.
  • No, they will burn anyway.
  • I feel that it should be a person's opinion to practice Magic, Black Magic or whatever they believe, free from people telling them their beliefs are inferior and will wind them up burning in hell or undergoing eternal torture. The idea to me of torturing someone eternally just for practicing a certain belief is very harsh and cruel.