Should pit bull be banished?

Rotties, Shepherds, and Dobies have all fallen into disfavor in the past. They are still around. It has been Pit bulls since the 1990's, and unfortunately, there has been no new breed to take its place. Responsible owners have responsible dogs. Pit bulls score higher on the American Temprament Societies' test than do Golden Retrievers and many other popular dogs. The American Pit Bull Terrier, when bred and handled properly, (and often even when they are not) is an excellent family dog, with a natural affinity for children. There are many better alternatives to Breed Specific Legislation, such as better Dangerous Dog laws, (holding the owners responsible, regardless of breed), Better leash laws (most serious bites occur from dogs who were not under the control of their owner), Better animal cruelty laws, Discount dog training and education classes, humane outreach, low-cost spay/neuter clinics, and licensing laws for ALL dogs. -Animal Control Officer, Delaware Animal Care and Control Pit Bulls are bred for fighting. Most pit bulls that won't fight are killed before they breed. I'm happy you've got a nice one that hasn't attacked and/or killeld another dog or a person (often another family member), but know you've got a dangerous weapon. If not banished then, strong licensing and insurance and jail time for owners of illegal pit bulls. Should other large dogs breed for fighting and attacking be licensed and restrited? yes. Are there no bad dogs just bad owners? There are dogs with bad tempers and dogs with good tempers. A large strong dog breed for fighting with jaws of steel and a bad owner makes is a trouble with a capital T. Pit Bulls are not bred for fighting, they were acutaly bred to be cattle driving dogs. Their well power to please their owners is why they have become to be fight dogs. These dogs are hard working, loving, loyal, and copanioion dogs. They were once called the "Nanny Dog" because of their love for children. I have owned many Pit Bulls and never had a 'bad pit', In a recent study of the AKC and UKC temper test, the American Pit Bull came in second as the most friendlist dog and the poodel came in last. So fact is the a Poodel is more likely to bite you the a Pit Bull. It is true that with out proper bredding and good ownership that any breed can turn out to be bad. Pit Bulls should not be baned because of their breed. Five years ago they were saying the same about the Rottwiler and ten years ago it was the Dalmation. It is all on how you raise the dog and where you get them from. A Pit Bull is more likely to attack by licking you to death then attack to kill.