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Sex is good

;) :)

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Q: Should rap songs with violent lyrics be censored?
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Should the government be able to censor songs with violent lyrics?

No, freedom of speech is vital to our society. Corrupting this would change the 3rd Amendment.

Should there be rude lyrics in songs?

i think that rude lyrics should not be in songs beacuse it can infulence little childern

Can you buy censored versions of songs on I tunes?

yes. if it says clean next to it, its censored.

Where can you download censored songs for free?

the piratebay

Should the government censor lyrics of songs that are violent or expletive for example gangsta rap?

that they should because the stuff that they do and say is the stuff that the little kids do and say and they want to grow up and be like them.

How do you find all the lyrics to Peabo Bryson songs?

You should try They pretty much have all the lyrics to the artist's songs and the albums.

Lyrics of Philippine folk songs?

Harana lyrics folk songs

Where can I find all the lyrics to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony songs?

There are a number of websites one can find the lyrics to songs by Bone Thugz-N-Harmony. One should check out websites such as AZ Lyrics, eLyrics and Metro Lyrics.

Who wrote the lyrics of Aerosmith's songs?

The band wrote the lyrics to their own songs.

Where can one find lyrics to Lilly Allen songs?

There are a number of places where one can go to find the lyrics to Lilly Allen songs. The lyrics to her songs can be found on websites such as Metro Lyrics and A-Z Lyrics.

Where to fine lyrics to songs?

Leo's lyrics

Why do rap songs get people killed?

Rap songs do not "get people killed" what they do is entertain millions, annoy other millions, and then encourage unstable/violent people to live the gangsta lifestyle (a.k.a join gangs and kill people) with their overly violent, sexual, and drug-laden lyrics.

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