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Should rap songs with violent lyrics be censored?


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Sex is good

;) :)

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No, freedom of speech is vital to our society. Corrupting this would change the 3rd Amendment.

i think that rude lyrics should not be in songs beacuse it can infulence little childern

yes. if it says clean next to it, its censored.

that they should because the stuff that they do and say is the stuff that the little kids do and say and they want to grow up and be like them.

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Rap songs do not "get people killed" what they do is entertain millions, annoy other millions, and then encourage unstable/violent people to live the gangsta lifestyle (a.k.a join gangs and kill people) with their overly violent, sexual, and drug-laden lyrics.

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Well, I listen to bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Chelsea Grin etc. Some of their songs do have violent/explicit lyrics. However, it's not them telling you to go do something bad or against the law, or go beat the crap out of someone for no reason. In my opinion, no, music lyrics don't promote violence. But they can have violent lyrics. ~ Sam. c:

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