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Teenagers, as anyone else, can benefit from reconstructive plastic surgery in case of mutilation or deformities. However, if it is for beauty reasons only, they should wait until their bodies are fully developed.

This has a simple reason: until the body is fully developed (at about 23 years old), the body features continue to change. You do not stop any part of the body from changing with plastic surgery and therefore you will not get a final result from it. Many plastic surgeries done on teenagers need to be retouched or fully done again at a later age.

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Sometimes plastic surgery is a wonderful elective for those who "need" it. For example a car accident left a teen scared or maimed in a manner that plastic surgery could possibly remedy, or a 17 year old felt out of place because her nose was abnormally large and she had to deal with constant ridicule.

If your teen wants to be more attractive with a bigger bust, or more defined cheek bones; she should receive guidance from a counselor

i think teens she just stay the way they are and not get worried about what they look life it's not all about looks."if your a prick" then you would care about looks but teens should just stay the way they were born...

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Q: Should teenagers get plastic surgery
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Is teenage plastic surgery dangerous?

Some teenagers believe plastic surgery is a quick fix for their physical, and in turn, their emotional problems, and this simply is not the case

Do teenagers are getting plastic surgery to alter their bodies before they have even finished growing?

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of teenagers getting plastic surgery. Some are as young as 10 and others after they graduate from high school.

Should children have plastic surgery?

I think that they should not have plastic surgery unless they have been in an accident and it is necessary.

Should teens get cosmetic surgery?

Most Plastic Surgeons will not consider cosmetic surgery on minors. You need to be at least 18 before you can seriously be consulted for most procedures. In younger teenagers the body is still going though changes and cosmetic surgery may not be appropriate. Also, cosmetic surgery should not be entered into lightly. Teenagers may not be in a position to make such desicions about their own health.

Why is cosmetic surgery bad for teens?

Most Plastic Surgeons will not consider cosmetic surgery for anyone under the age of 18 years old. The concern is that younger teenagers are not ready on the whole to take such desicions about their looks. In many cases changes in the body are still taking place and as such it is not the right time to consider surgery anyway. Plastic surgery for deformities on the other hand is a different matter. Surgery to correct deformities would include teenagers where the Plastic Surgeons feels that surgery is appropriate

At what age can a person have plastic surgery to get breast implants without parental consent in the United States?

In general, parental consent is required in the United States for teenagers under 18 who want breast implants. Most teenagers who want a plastic surgery get them for practical reasons such as misshapen noses.

Should people have plastic surgery or not?

If you want plastic surgery then I say go for it. Just be sure the reasons you are getting it.

Does Plastic Surgery really make a diffrernce?

Plastic surgery does enlarge the breasts. However, this is a serious decision and should not be taken lightly.

Are you for or against plastic surgery?

Iam for plastic surgery because i think people should be allowed to improve their appearance, or change their appearance.

Are there any Hidden Dangers of Plastic Surgery that you should get from your Plastic Surgeon before scheduling the surgery?

Anytime you have surgery and go under anesthetic there are risks. There have been many documented cases of death in patients only having routine plastic surgery.

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What is Korean Plastic Surgery?

Korean Plastic Surgery refers to plastic surgery that is popular in Korea. It is generally quite extreme surgery, such as eye surgery and whiteness surgery.

Can any one give more information on plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is something YOU should make the decision on!

Where can one find information on plastic surgery on men?

Information on plastic surgery for men should be found from a doctor. They will be able to advise on surgery, companies and other information to inform a decision.

Has Christine Baranski had plastic surgery?

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Did Shirley Temple have plastic surgery?

No she did not have plastic surgery

Where can one find information on plastic surgery recovery?

The best person to ask about recovery after plastic surgery is the plastic surgeon carrying out the surgery. They will be the best informed and you will get the most reliable information. Alternatively, there are websites online that can be used such as Info Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Recovery and Smart Plastic Surgery.

Who should I be recommended to for plastic surgery in the city of Phoenix?

There are many possible plastic surgery centers in Phoenix. I recommend you to Dr. Robert Meger, MD Plastic surgeon and Cosmetic surgeon.

Can anyone perform plastic surgery?

No. The plastic surgeonyou choose should be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or a Society of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons in the country of origin. In addition, the American Board of Plastic Surgery or its equivalent in the country of origin should also certify a top plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic plastic surgeries should be performed in an accredited facility. Here you can have the list of Plastic Surgeons.,Cosmetic/Plastic-Surgery/

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How is plastic surgery related to science?

Plastic surgery is a branch of medical science.

Did Bob Costas have plastic surgery?

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What is a good plastic surgery?

Good plastic surgery is surgery where there is no evidence of surgery, and the patient looks natural and beautiful

Why is plastic surgery needed?

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the "correction" or restoration of form and function.Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, most plastic surgery is not cosmeticPlastic surgery includes many types of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns.