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BothIt was a tactical victory for Germany in terms of ships sunk and lives lost, but it was a strategic victory for Britain in that the Grand Fleet was still intact, and the German navy did not again seriously challenge its dominance of European waters

Germany took more tonnage and lives at Jutland, but reading the account and been fair the Royal navy were not fully engaged in the battle and still arriving when it was under way.

Having said that though i think it is a British victory as the Grand fleet of the Royal navy was still intact and the ones they lost were been replaced in British ship yards after, and the German navy were the first at Jutland to turn back to German shores and never venture out again in WW1, whilst the British continued blockading Germany right till the end therefore remaining the number 1 navy in the world.

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Where did the battle of Jutland take place?

During World War I, the Battle of Jutland took place in the North Sea, generally off the coast of Jutland, Denmark. Occurring on May 31st and June the 1st of 1916, the battle was a tactical draw but a strategic victory for the British over the German fleet.

When the battle of jutland happened?

WWI's biggest sea battle (Great Britain vs German Empire), 'The battle of Jutland', took place between 31 May and 1 June 1916. It's debated whether it ended in a tie - or a small British victory.

How many soldiers did the british have in the battle of jutland?

None. It was a naval battle.

Why did Britain win the battle of jutland?

The battle is considered a British victory because the German High Seas Fleet never again seriously contested British control of the oceans. The British lost more ships, but many of the surviving German ships were damaged. This battle was anti-climactic and somewhat inconclusive. Neither fleet was destroyed, in any sense of the word.

What naval battle happened between british and German forces in 1916?

Battle of Jutland, aka "The Battle of Lost Opportunities"; as both sides claimed a victory, and both sides avoided decisive action with their BATTLESHIPS.

How did the Bristish navy win at Jutland?

The British Navy won at Jutland by losing more men and ships than the enemy. Tactically the battle was a draw. The British lost more than the Germans but the Germans were crippled enough they would not send a fleet into the North Sea. So basically today the battle would be called tactically a draw and a British strategic victory.

How many battles did the Continental Army win?

The Continental Army won many battles (around 87), but lost most of the big ones because it was not as well-equipped as the British. The most important large battle victory was at Yorktown. Here are the major battles, and who won: Siege of Boston--Patriot victory Battle of Long Island--British victory Battle of Harlem Heights--Patriot victory Battle of Trenton--Patriot victory Battle of Princeton--Patriot victory Battle of Brandywine--British victory Battle of Germantown--British victory Battle of Saratoga--Patriot victory Battle of Monmouth--Usually regarded as a draw Siege of Charleston--British victory Battle of Camden--British victory Battle of Cowpens--Patriot victory Battle of Guilford Court House--British victory Siege of Yorktown--Patriot victory

Who won the Battle of Blackrock?

Aka the Battle of Buffalo, this was considered as a victory for the British due to a withdrawal by the American troops.

Why did the British win the Battle of Jutland?

It has always been a controversy as to who really won the Battle of Jutland. The British and Germans both suffered severe losses. Many people say the British won the Battle of Jutland because the Germans had initially wanted to push their fleet further out in the ocean, but the British had prevented the German fleet from doing so and they didn't gain anymore land (or, in this case, sea).

Was Americans involved in the battle of Jutland?

This was strictly a British vs German engagement.

Were the British defeated at the Battle of Brandywine?

No. The Battle of Brandywine (September 11, 1777) is considered a British victory. General Howe's troops forced Washington to retreat and the British captured Philadelphia.

Which among the battles was not fought by napoleon battle of Leipzig battle of Trafalgar battle of Jutland?

The Battle of Jutland

Why is the battle of jutland significant?

The Battle of Jutland was significant because it reinforced British dominance in the North Sea. Even though the German fleet inflicted more damage on the British fleet, it was still forced to retreat, which left control of the North Sea in British hands.

How many Canadians died in the Battle of Jutland?

Unless they were part of the British crews, none.

When did Battle of Jutland happen?

Battle of Jutland happened on 1916-05-31.

List of Battles in the Penninsular War?

Here are a few: Battle of Pancorbo. French Victory. Battle of Valmaseda. Spanish Victory. Battle of Burgos. French Victory. Battle of Espinosa. French Victory. Battle of Tudela. French Victory. Battle of Somosierra. French Victory. Battle of Benavente. British Victory. Siege of Saragossa. French Victory. Battle of Castellon. Spanish Victory. Battle of Corunna, British General Sir John Moore killed but most UK troops evacuated. Battle of Medellin. French Victory.

Why was the Battle of Bunker Hill considered a patriot victory?

It took time to defeat the Americans, so the British knew this wouldn't be a fast battle. From this battle, the British knew that defeating the Americans would not be easy.

The battle of Yorktown was a victory for the British?

No. Yorktown was the final battle in the war and a Franco-American victory.

What was the outcome of the battle of somme?

The outcome of the Battle of the Somme was a British French victory. Even though the British lost more soldiers in the battle, it was a strategic victory for the Allies.

Was the battle of york town a victory for the British?

false it was Americans victory

What was the impact of the battle of somme?

This was the first battle in history to which tanks were used to a great extent; it was not a victory for either side, since little ground was gained by the British, but since the Germans lost irreplaceable veterans, it could be considered a strategic victory for the British.

What was the result of the battle of trafalgar?

A British victory.

Who won the battle of havrincourt?

British victory

What was the largest sea battle of World War 1?

The BATTLE OF JUTLAND was the largest naval battle in World War I.

Who won the battle of lake george?

The Battle of Lake George was part of the French and Indian War. No one conclusively won the battle, but it was considered a strategic victory by the British and Iroquois.

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