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Should the Holocaust have happened?

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2007-05-22 13:35:13

Firstly, do you know what is holocaust? Do you mean it by is the

holocaust event suppose to happen? If so, you are a racist because

holocaust is something about Hitler and his Nazi Party killing ALL

, I mean ALL, regardless Communist or NON-Communist Jews. Therefore

if holocaust is something that should happen, you are a racist

because this kills many (in terms of about 5 to 6 millions)

innocent Jews even though there might some, but unknown and very

few might be really that bad as Hitler claim. Even so, he should

only purge those "bad" people who are arrogrant and prevent other

from success but not the whole race. (Yes- Hitler was frustrated

about the Jews, who had no home land as they lived in Israel was

chase out by the ancient Romans Empire in thousand years ago yet

had many authority and they were unusually rich. The Germans , who

had their homeland, were suffering from poverty after World War 1

because of the stupid Treaty of Versallies. Therefore, his jealousy

and his failure at his beginning of his life by unabling to attend

art schools because of their inability to apperciate Hitler's art

that had made him hate Jews, who own these schools.) PS: Is EVERY

Jews that rich and powerful? I don't know. However, most of them


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