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Firstly, do you know what is Holocaust? Do you mean it by is the holocaust event suppose to happen? If so, you are a racist because holocaust is something about Hitler and his Nazi Party killing ALL , I mean ALL, regardless Communist or NON-Communist Jews. Therefore if holocaust is something that should happen, you are a racist because this kills many (in terms of about 5 to 6 millions) innocent Jews even though there might some, but unknown and very few might be really that bad as Hitler claim. Even so, he should only purge those "bad" people who are arrogrant and prevent other from success but not the whole race. (Yes- Hitler was frustrated about the Jews, who had no home land as they lived in Israel was chase out by the ancient Romans Empire in thousand years ago yet had many authority and they were unusually rich. The Germans , who had their homeland, were suffering from poverty after World War 1 because of the stupid Treaty of Versallies. Therefore, his jealousy and his failure at his beginning of his life by unabling to attend art schools because of their inability to apperciate Hitler's art that had made him hate Jews, who own these schools.) PS: Is EVERY Jews that rich and powerful? I don't know. However, most of them were.

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Q: Should the Holocaust have happened
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What is the purpose of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum?

to remind the holocaust happened and nations should insure it does not happen again....

Why should you not remember the Holocaust?

You should. It's history, it really happened.Everyone should remember the Holocaust and pray that nothing similar ever happens again,

What historical events happened during the Holocaust?

The holocaust was a horrible event that shall never be forgoten and everybody should learn from it in MANY different ways.

How did others prevent the Holocaust?

no one prevented the Holocaust, it happened.

When did Holocaust of Viannos happen?

Holocaust of Viannos happened in 1943.

When did Holocaust of Kedros happen?

Holocaust of Kedros happened in 1944.

What happened to Germany's economy after the holocaust?

Germany's economy inflated after the holocaust.

Did the Holocaust happen before the civil war?

The Civil War happened 1861-1865. The Holocaust happened 1932-1945.

Why did the holocaust experience genocide?

Genocide was the word used to describe what happened in the Holocaust.

What is some good project question for the Holocaust?

What events happened during the holocaust? Do you think it was right? explain.orWhat does the word 'holocaust' mean? is this a good name for it?orShould places such as Auchvitz still be kept alive or should tey be removed? Explain.

Should you judge how people behaved in the Holocaust such as the victims?

Some guards and kapos were tried and hanged. So it has happened.

What happened to Israel after the holocaust?

It was created.

In what century did the Holocaust happened?

the twentieth

What is one of the best novels for the Holocaust?

Night by Elie Wiesel it explains what happened to him when he was in the holocaust.

What happened to adults during the Holocaust?

Adults and children were slaughtered in the Holocaust.

What happened to the Germans that worked for Hitler after the Holocaust?

no one worked for Hitler after the Holocaust, he was dead

What happened when Hitler was in power?

World War 2 and the Holocaust happened.

What should the US have done to help stop the Holocaust?

One cannot say seventy years later what should have happened: The US did what it could at the time.

Why was Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi party if only the Nazi party was responsible for the Holocaust?

Adolf was ultimatley at fault for the holocaust. Everyone involved had a hand in what happened to the Jews and they should all be blamed. But without the guidance of Hilter, things might not have happened the way they did.

How did Albert Einstein survive the Holocaust?

Albert Einstein lived in the USA, so was not where the holocaust happened.

What happened in the Holocaust in 1946?

The Holocaust ended in May 1945 (somewhat earlier in some places).

What evidence do you have that the holocaust happened?

There are the physical remains, the documents and the testimony of those who perpetrated the Holocaust and of the victims.

When did Holocaust trials in Soviet Estonia happen?

Holocaust trials in Soviet Estonia happened in 1961.

How do books about the Holocaust help us remember the Holocaust?

They talk about the holocaust?

What are 2 reasons people should have to learn about the Holocaust?

tworeasons we should learn about the holocaust