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Should the Maid of Honor wear something different from the Bridesmaids?

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2006-09-26 05:38:18

Yes the maid of honor should wear something a little different

because normally the maid of honor is a lot closer to you then the

bridesmaids Also, the maid of honour "usually" is already married

and "lends" her experience to the bride. Having this attendant

stand out in a different outfit is seen as "honouring" this special

title. I've been in many weddings where I've worn what the

Bridesmaids have worn (color coordination and all that), but

usually they should be in a slightly different color or a bit of a

different designed dress without standing out too much. MAID OF

HONOR is a single person and MATRON OF HONOR is a married woman and

either are just fine if they are a dear close friend or sibling of


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