Should the NFL suspend Michael Vick for his dogfighting and killing of the dogs?

Suspension of Michael Vick

  • Michael Vick should be suspended for 2 seasons to send a strong message. He'll be occupied with legal proceedings or jail for a lot of the 2007 season anyway so suspend him for a year after that.
  • Michael Vick should be fired not suspended. He should also be sent to prison and slapped with a fine that would take all his money to pay it. If you are I were caught doing this we would not be treated with kid gloves on. It is time to stop looking the other way when it concerns a celebrity.
  • They should put him in a cage with all the Pitbulls and see how it feels to be savagely attack by another animal. Dogs hold a special place in my heart and to see the videos of what was happening at his house was just disgusting.
  • No, frankly I don't see the problem in pitbull fighting. That's why they are called pitbulls. Dog fighting has nothing to do with football. you can probally go to a lot of places in ga and see dog fights. some people just like to watch dog fights. i bet if it were legal alot of these same people that want mike out would pay money to see it. so if you got a DUI on a weekend do you think you should be fired or if it was your kid in this situation would you want him ruined? i don't think so , so people please quit being so self righteous . let the law handle it and let mike play football because i believe you are innocent until proven guilty. oh and another thing i hate pitbulls they are born mean and violent so they don't get to much sympathy from me.
  • Yes, Vick should be suspended.
  • Pitbulls are not born mean, which most of us already know. That is why Michael Vick gave his dogs pills to make them more aggressive. He also electrocuted, drowned, threw against a wallhanging or slammed his dogs to the ground when they didn't "perform well." He is a subhuman, the lowest of the low. Any "human" who would defend him shouldn't be walking the streets.

Dog fighting is cool! and should be sponcerd by nike!