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Should the Petcock be in the ON OFF or Reserve position when refuelling?

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Makes no difference! Just ensure it is back in the on position not the reserve position after it is filled Remember on some bikes its not an off position either. Most new bikes use a vacuum system to turn on and off the fuel and the off is actually the on. Or always on , vacuum on and vacuum reserve on.

== If you have a gravity-fed fuel system, you should turn it off whenever the engine is not in use or gasoline will invade your oil and cause problems.

2009-07-15 18:57:44
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What direction is reserve on the fuel switch on a 1996 Yamaha Royal Star?

The petcock should have an arrow on it. Up is reserve,down is on and 3 oclock is off.

What does the letters eri on a motorcycle petcock mean?

I think you may find that the letters ar Pri - Prime - the position of the petcock that will allow fuel to flow freely all the time. Should only be used when the carbs are empty of fuel (eg when carbs have been drained or bike not run for some time. Leaving the petcock in this position may lead to hydraulic lock in the cylinders if your carb float valves do not seal perfectly. So only use it in this position to refill carbs if they were thought to be empty.

Where is the petcock on a 1995 ford probe?

The petcock should be along the bottom edge of the radiator facing the engine. It is probably close to the bottom hose connector.

Where is petcock for radiator in 2003 Dodge Dakota?

It should be at the bottom, driver's side of the radiator on the engine side. It may be either a petcock or just a plain plug.

Where is the petcock on a 1993 Buick Century?

I'm assuming by petcock you mean the drain on the radiator. If it has one (which it should), It's on the bottom, rear, drivers corner of the radiator.

Is it a problem to have filled-up with gas with the petcock on reserve then immediately switched over to on?

No, should not matter unless you have a bad carb that is pron to leaking. There would be a very small increace in presure to carbs with a full tank and set on reserve, but probley not enought to make a diff. Tell me what happened? if any thing? Ben Parker, San Jose, Ca.

Where is the petcock located on a 2002 Stratus sedan?

it should be on the raditor next to the lower hose

How do you access a fuel filter on a 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle?

The first thing to do is drain all fuel from the gas tank. Begin with turning the valve of the petcock to OFF. Then the fuel hose from the petcock to the carburetor is loosened at it lower end and the fuel drained from the tank itno a sutable vessel. Next, remove vacuum hose from the nipple on the back of the petcock. Turn the valve to "Reserve". Drain the reserve gas out from the tank by using a vacuum pump connected to the nipple. When no fuel is left remove the vaccum line and the pump. The next step is to remove the petcock from the tank. This is easily done by loosening and then removing the nut that fastens it to the underside of the gas tank. When you remove the petcock you will see a long screen in the form of a cylinder come out of the gas tank. Clean or replace the screen filter. Reassemly is the reverse of dissassembly except you don't need to use the vacuum pump again. Note that the threads of the petcock should be coated with a suitable sealant that can withstand gasoline. Also replace the gasket under the nut holding the petcock in place. Insert the assembled parts into the gas tank and then tighten the petcock nut well in place. The hoses are finally attached. Now you can fill gasoline in the tank but check carefully for leaks. It's no joke getting a gasoline leak right onto the hot engine.

When should you turn a PWC's Fuel selector switch to reserve position?

well some older jet skis do not have fuel gauges so in that case put the reserve on when it stops going. when the fuel gauge is very close to low it would be good to put the reserve on and get home quickly.

How do I open the petcock on a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Looking at the car from the front, the petcock is on the lover right hand side of the radiator. It doesn't twist, rather pulls out. Pull it toward the engine and it should open.

Where is the radiator drainage petcock on a 2001 Dodge Durango?

Should be at the lower left corner of the radiator.

What precautions should be taken when refuelling a gas or propane lift?

turn off the lift and vent the tank

1983 suzuki GS750 ED Why no fuel flow from carburetor to engine?

Probably a bad fuel petcock on the bottom of the tank. It is vacuum operated so it will not flow fuel unless the engine is running. (Safety feature) My older '79 GS has a "prime" setting on the petcock that allows the fuel to bypass the vacuum shutoff and run straight into the carbs (thus filling the floatbowls should the engine not be able to start due to lack of fuel in the carbs.) Either you have a bad petcock or you are checking it in the "ON" position. If you have "prime" it should flow fuel without a problem. If not there may be dirt in the petcock or other internal problems. Hope this helps. Mark in NE Indiana. _____ I just fixed my 1983 GS750E which had a fuel flow issue with the petcock. After disassembly of the petcock it was found that the fuel valve o-ring would tack itself to the sealing surface, thus, not allowing fuel to flow. See this forum posting for a how to fix:

Where is radiator petcock on 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

LOL most likely on the radiator,near the bottom i would imagine If you are facing the vehicle, the petcock is located on the left side bottom of the radiator. It is not easy as it should be to get the petcock to turn. I had to get to it from the passenger side fender. There are sharp metal pieces above the assembly so be careful not to scrape your arm.

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How does the vacuum work on the petcock suzuki vinson 500?

The petcocks are vacuum operated petcocks. This means that they have a little diaphragm and valve set-up in them which responds to engine vacuum and allows fuel to flow only when the engine is running and supplying vacuum. This is is how things work when the petcock lever is set to the "on" or "run" setting. So we see that the "on" setting is actually the "off" setting when the engine is not running. So if the engine quits for any reason (as in a "down" situation), the petcock(s) will automatically close and prevent the fuel from flowing out. These petcocks also have two other lever settings: The "prime" setting bypasses the vacuum function and allows fuel to flow at all times, even when the engine is stopped. The purpose of this setting is to allow the carb float bowls to be filled when the engine is not running. Note that if you run your petcock(s) on the prime setting all the time, you lose the safety feature provided by the vacuum petcock. Note also that on this setting, fuel is prevented from flowing out through the carbs, into cylinders, etc.) only by the float valves in the carbs, which close when the carbs are full. Should one of these float valves stick open or leak, you then get flooding through that carb. The "reserve" setting is used to access an additional amount of fuel when you start to run out. Here is how this works. These petcocks have inlet towers which stick up into the tank. In the "on" position, fuel flows down to the petcock through an opening high on the tower. So when you "run out of fuel" you actually have some more fuel sitting in the bottom of the tank which lies below this high inlet. When you turn the petcock lever to "reserve", a lower inlet near the bottom of the tower opens, so you can gain access to this last bit of fuel in your tank.

Will leaving your petcock on reserve hurt your motorcycle?

In addition to what has been said, modern bikes have vacuum petcocks that shut off (safety) when the engine stops. Leaving the petcock on 'prime' will bypass and flood. Leaving on reserve will drag the crud through. And you really don't want to be paying for carb/injectorservicing.Best tip: Set petcock to ON. Fill the tank and set the mileage trip meter to zero. Every time the trip meter reads 100 miles, or the range of your bike (whichever is less), fill the tank and reset the trip to zero.AnswerIt may hurt if you don't have the engine running. ie. If you leave the gas turned on when you park your bike for any length of time. On some bikes, the gas may slowly fill your crankcase, diluting your oil and cause other bad stuff to happen. AnswerIt's generally not a good idea to leave the petcock on 'reserve' because in using it that way, you're always getting to the bottom of your tank, where any impurities, paint chips, rust, debris while fueling, etc. lies. By only using 'reserve' when it's absolutely necessary, and then filling up as soon as possible, you never get to all that nasty stuff in the bottom of your tank. You should always shut the petcock OFF when the bike isn't running. That way, if you have any leaks in your fuel system, you won't end up with 4 or 5 gallons of gas on your garage floor. The gas stays in the tank(s).

How do you drain the radiator in a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Should be a drain plug or petcock at the bottom or rear of the radiator or remove the lower radiator hose The petcock or drain plug is located on the driver's side at the bottom of the radiator. Turn it counter-clockwise to drain.

How do you drain the radiator in Buick riviera?

Drain or petcock should be a the lower of rear of radiator or remove lower radiator hose

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Should you leave the petcock on your motorcycle on or off while parked?

Off. If this is left on, it can allow fuel to enter the cylinders which can wash down the cylinder walls and even contaminate the oil. Some newer motorcycles include a vacuum or other control in addition to the petcock that will shut off the fuel flow once the engine is not running. On these models, leaving the petcock On no longer matters if things are functioning properly.

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Where is the radiator drain petcock on a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra?

Should be at the bottom or rear of the radiator or remove the lower radiator hose

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