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all repairs should be quoted and documented up front, any additions must be authorized before the shop does the repairs... however, unless they charged you $544.99 for an oil change, I wouldn't sweat it..:)

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Who is responsible the mechanic or the customer if the mechanic has a breakin and the catalytic converter is stolen off customers car the mechanic or the customer?

The mechanic. He should have liability insurance to cover it. A lot of the service tickets have fine print about the shop not being responsible for fire theft, or other damage. So if you have signed a ticket, they may not be responsible.

The security light came on after you replaced the sterring column what can you do it wont start what should you do?

have a qualified mechanic work on it.

94 dodge shadow 2.5 your mechanic replaced the ENGINE but broke a sensor on the front of the engine think it is the temperature sensor Can it still be driven?

no it could keep your electric fans from coming on if your mechanic broke it you should have your mechanic replace it

How much does it cost to have your oil pan gasket replaced by a mechanic?

Check out this web sight it should help you.

How often should you change a timing belt on a Mitsubishi lancer?

I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer, and my mechanic said it should be replaced every 50,000 to 60,000 miles.

Where should I go to have my old headlights replaced with blue headlights?

If you buy blue xenon bulbs they are easily fittable to headlights on most car designs. Any mechanic should be able to do it or you can also do it yourself. If you take it to a mechanic bring the bulbs with you.

How should you start your essay about An unexpected visitor?

an unexpected visitor

Can you get a mechanic shop to pay for your car if it was parked on their lot when it was damaged by a hit and run driver?

The mechanic is not responsible for what happens in his parking lot. Your car has insurance, you will have to file the claim through your company. You should file a police report so that if the hit and run guy is caught, he will be responsible.

Timing belt on a 2002 dodge stratus was replaced but then the mechanic said that two coils had to be replaced but now the mechanic is saying that the computer must have lost its memory because the car?

find a new mechanic, the purpose of a mechanic is to diagnose the problem and give you a quote of the needed repairs, once you authorize said repairs, the mechanic is responsible for stcking to the quote, he/she should not proceed with further repairs until you have been notified. all of the parts removed should have been tested, if there was any inclination of part malfunction and or failure. if you are not satisfied with the work performed have the parts removed and receive a full refund then take your car to an authorized and factory trained tech, ie. your local dodge dealer. you will pay more but the quality of service and the warrenty on the work is much better

Is it a law that brake rotors must be replaced by law if needed?

Yes. You should also get a second opinion from another mechanic before buying the job.

The engine light on my 2001 windstar stays on the mechanics have replaced what the instrument states should be replaced However the light goes out for about a week then comes back on?

I would suggest a second opinion...Try another mechanic.

What type of mechanic should I go to to have a seat belt replaced in the Knoxville area?

Any certified mechanic should be able to replace your seat belt assembly. You will want to hve ths repair done ASAP,driving without a seatbelt is against the law and very unsafe.

Am mechanic and when you start your car the engine it vibrate and shakes with white smoke come out of exhaust pipe what should do as mechanic?

White exhaust usually means that there is water in the combustion chamber and there is a crack somewhere. Pull out the dipstick and see if the oil is a milky white. If it is then you have either a cracked head or a cracked block. Heads cam be replaced somewhat affordable by a reputable mechanic, cracked block the engine is toast needs to be replaced.

How much should it cost to have an oil pan gasket replaced on a 1998 grand prix?

do it yourself and its like 30 bucks pay a mechanic and maybe 75

Can you replace the water pump on a 96 Saturn SL2 yourself or should you take it to a mechanic?

If you have ever replaced a water pump on any vehicle the answer would be "yes" you can do it yourself.

When should timing belt be replaced on 2004 rav 4 Toyota?

My independent Toyota trained mechanic recommended the factory requirement of 90,000 miles. Hope this is helpful.

How many crew chiefs does it take to change a light bulb?

None. A crew chief does the write-up of the fault. It is up to a mechanic to argue about why the bulb should not be replaced yet.

Why does the brake light still not work even after I replaced the bulb?

Same thing happened to mine. I had to replace the whole thing. Mechanic told me it was due to a nonworking electrical wiring that was connected to the brake lights were out. Once you replaced the whole thing, it should be working.

How do you replace the throw out bearing in a 2003 Subaru Forester?

This is a big job requiring removal of the engine. The entire clutch should be replaced at the same time. It is not a job for the casual mechanic. --Ken

Does 1999 Lexus LS300 have timing belt or chain and when should it be replaced?

1999 Lexus? The LS300 i think has a timing belt. I am not sure. Your going to want to check with a mechanic to make sure.

Do you need school to be a mechanic?

To be a mechanic, you should have a certificate. To get most of these, you just have to pass a test.

Where should I get my timing belt replaced on my Honda 2000?

Any reputable mechanic can do this job. Check around with different auto repair shops and get estimates. Check with family or friends and see who they recommend.

Why should you read newspapers?

jobs that interest an employee may e listed in unexpected places under unexpected job titles

Should I take my car to a mechanic auto repair shop?

You should always take your car to an auto mechanic. Repairing a car can be costly, lengthy and difficult. If you are not a mechanic, then I wouldn't recommend that you repair your own car.

Should the break rotor be loose when the wheel is removed on a 1996 mercury villager?

Yes. The rotor is held in place from the factory by two clips. These are generally not replaced by some mechanic during a brake service.