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Im having the same exact issue with our 96 SAbleReplaced the ECT sensor and change.Have a clue that its the Temperature switch that's bad. I guess if that goes bad then the fans will run continuously on these cars.

Try that...its less than $10.

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What could cause a 2007 Ford Taurus not to start?

the engine

Could a stuck thermostat cause cooling fans not to work?


What would cause a 2006 Ford Taurus to overheat?

The Taurus could overheat for several reasons. The coolant could be low, the fan might not be operating properly, or the engine could have a stuck thermostat.

What will cause a 1997 Ford Taurus to overheat?

Does the engine cooling fan come on at 230 degrees and turn off at 190 degrees? You could have a bad cooling fan, relay or sensor problem. If all of these check out you need to check for leaks and repair them. Also a stuck thermostat can be the bad apple.

Samsung Comeback cell phone problems?

You should have the battery tested and see if there are any cooling options available. Over heating is the cause of your issues. It could be either the battery or poor cooling issues.

Will installing a thermostat backwards make problems with check engine light?

It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.

What could cause the cooling fan to not work after the thermostat was replaced in a 1992 Ford Escort?

There is an engine temperature sensor that operates the cooling fan.

What might cause overheating in an '85 Ford Taurus L?

It could be your thermostat how is the fluid in your radiator?

What is the cause of bubbles in cooling system of a fuso year 2007 diesel?

Probably a blown head gasket - but these also have an EGR cooler that if damaged could cause the same thing. Check the cooler first it could be pushing exhaust into the cooling system.

Can the water pump cause problems with heating and cooling in Taurus 96?

Yes(!) the water pump can cause problems with heating and cooling.A failing water pump is not able to properly move engine coolant - making it hard for the heater to produce warm air in the cabin.For example, you may find the heater works better when the engine is turning faster like while driving (versus just idling) - this could be a water pump with worn or a broken impeller.See "Related Questions" below for more about Taurus/Sable heating system problems

How many compressors in a standard refrigerator?

refrigerator not cooling, but freezer is still freezing, what could cause this

What would cause a 97 Ford Taurus to stall when you put it in gear?

The idle for the 97 Taurus could be too low. The transmission bands could be sticking some as well, not allowing the transmission to come out of gear during idling.

Can having a heater coil replaced on a 1993 Taurus SHO 3.2L cause a working air conditioner to no longer cool?

Yes it is possible but you might want to check to see if you need freon..Or your air conditioner might need to be recharged... Yes - the specific thing that could cause this is a temperature blend door that is stuck in the heat position. This would cause nice hot air conditioned air. Check out the "Related Questions" below for more about Taurus heating/cooling problems.

Is there another name for a pollution pump from a 1998 Ford Taurus Could this pump cause the check engine light to come on?

another name is smog pump.this could cause light to come on.

Would driving through water cause cooling fans to stop working?

A normal puddle on the road should not damage the fan. If the water is deep, then water could get inside of the fan connectors or the fans themselves, and cause failure.

What would cause a roaring sound when the ac is on in a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Could be clutch cooling fan engaging

Can old antifreeze cause an engine light to come on?

no, not unless it rusts the radiator and all the fluid leaks out Not likely, but corrosion to some sensors that monitor your cooling system could. Antifreeze should be flushed and changed annually to protect the engine's cooling system from freezing and internal corrosion that can cause premature wear to more expensive parts.

What might cause a 1993 Ford Taurus SHO to overheat when there are known leaks?

have you flushed your radiator or changed the thermostat it could be stuck

What would be the cause of your 97 Ford Taurus overheating erratically?

Check the thermostat. Another reason could be the head gaskets are blown.

Your transmission is not shifting in your 2005 Ford Taurus what could be the problems?

my transmission is not shifting on my 2005 Ford Taurus what could be the problem

Car not hot but boiling over on 98' ford taurus. I have replaced the canistor which was cracked and t-stat what else can I do?

Check for a cracked head or damaged head gasket. If the engine overheated at all when the reservoir was damaged, it could cause serious damage to the engine. A damaged head gasket or cracked head could cause the coolant to blow out of the cooling system even when the engine isn't very warm.

Can a car's cooling system cause a loud noise when idling?

A bad bearing in the water pump could be one possibility.

What would cause a 2000 Ford Taurus motor to not turn over?

dead battery, flooded engine, could be any number of things.

What could be wrong with your car if it is overheating and the antifreeze is not low?

It could possibly be the thermostat or the cooling fan. Let the engine warm up and when it gets to 232 to 235 degrees the cooling fan should come on. If not you need to go from there.

What could make catalytic converter turn red 2002 Ford Taurus?

A partially clogged converter will cause this. Also an overly rich fuel/air mixture or a cylinder misfire is a cause.