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Should the electric fans on the radiator cycle on and off on a 1995 Plymouth Neon when the windshield defroster is turned on?

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The fans will probably stay on while the defroster is on because the A/C compressor is running.

2004-11-25 06:38:07
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What would be the cause of a film on the windshield when defroster is on after you had a new radiator put in?

Most likely a film on the inside of a windshield is caused by an engine coolant leak within the heater core.

What is an electric fan for a vehicle?

Electric cooling fan? Fan placed behind radiator to aid in engine cooling activated when engine coolant temperature exceeds 235 degrees F or when A/C or defroster is engaged

Where is the thermostat on a 2004 ion The car overheats while idling but cools down as we statrt to drive on or turn on the defroster?

Thermostat should be located in the removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose Radiator may be clogged or flow restricted the defroster kicks on your electric radiator cooling fan--bypassing your fan relay and temp. switch--so its probably one of those

Why does the Electric cooling fan comes on when engine is cold?

When air conditioning or front defroster are turned on it will turn on A/C compressor which requires the A/C condensor to be cooled (via radiator fan).

Does a 2004 chrysler pt cruiser have a fan clutch?

No, the radiator fan is electric.No, the radiator fan is electric.

Where is the radiator drain plug for a 1998 Plymouth grand voyager?

its at the bottom of the radiator

Chevy Silverado Why does your dual radiator fan come on and off every thirty seconds when you switch to outside air on the defroster?

The A/C runs to help defrost the windshield by removing moisture from the air. The fans run to help the cool off the condenser.

Where are the radiator hoses for a 1989 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

upper and lower end of radiator

Where is the windshield wiper reservoir on a 1995 camaro?

In front of the radiator.

How do you fix the radiator on a Plymouth Voyager?

Take it to a radiator shop. Find one in the yellow pages.

Where is the thermostat on a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

The thermostat on a 1995 Plymouth Neon is right behind the Radiator Cap.

Where does the antifreeze go for a 95 Plymouth Voyager?

To put in more antifreeze in a 1995 Plymouth Voyager, located the reservoir near the radiator. Antifreeze is no longer added directly to the radiator. It is put into the plastic reservoir that is labeled radiator or coolant overflow.

Where is the radiator drain plug for 1998 Plymouth breeze?

on the bottom . hard to see. if you break it you must replace the radiator

1993 Plymouth duster radiator cooling does not come on?

Either the fan is burnt out or the sensor that tells the electric fan when to turn on is bad, you can wire the fan directly to the battery to see if it's good.

Where is the radiator fan sensor located on a 1997 Plymouth voyager?

Try rear of radiator approx. 1/3 from the top

Why is the Right passenger car floor wet no rain?

You didn't mention what vehicle you have but in most vehicles the heater core is located under the dash on the passenger side. The heater core is known to spring a leak and show up on the passengers floor. Turn on the defroster and see if your nose senses the sweet smell of radiator coolant. The inside of the windshield my fog up when the defroster is turned on, this would also indicate a leaky heater core.

What goes in the reservoir next to the radiator?

If the reservoir has a hose that travels to the top of the radiator, then it is filled with engine coolant. If the hose is not connected to the radiator, then it is most likely a windshield washer bottle.

WHen radiator changed in 1993 Jeep Wrangler windshield steam up?

The windshield streaming after a radiator change on a 1993 Jeep Wrangler is a result of a loose connection. Steam is caused when coolant leaks onto the engine and is heated rapidly.

What do you do with a transmission line that just blew out of the radiator have the nipple part off but it don't thread back into the radiator a 2000 Plymouth neon?

You will have to replace the radiator, the cooler is not repairable.

What is the thing that holds the antifreeze in a 1999 Malibu called?

Radiator or windshield washer tank.

Where is radiator fan located on 1997 mustang?

The 1997 Ford Mustang uses an electric engine cooling fan . The electric motor and the fan it drives are in a housing attached to the radiator between the engine and the radiator

Where is the starter for a 96 Plymouth breeze?

Between the front of the engine on the bottom and the radiator

Where is a starter on 97 Plymouth Breeze located?

Between engine and radiator,about in middle.

Where is the sensor for the radiator fans on a 1988 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 engine?

Try the rear side of the radiator about 1/3 down from the top

Why does the radiator fan start the same time the ignition is turned on for a 1989 Mazda 323 at cold start?

Turn the AC or the Defroster off.