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The answer is NO. Child support exists so the custodial parent can get help from the non-custodial parent to pay for the child's expenses like food, clothing, roof over their heads etc. If the Mother is not the custodial parent she is NOT entitled to Child support. So if the grandparents have custody of the child the child support should go to them directly. This have to be modified in the court where the child support was issued.

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Does a father have to pay child support if not married but the mother is living with him but the baby lives with her parents?

If the grandparents are legal guardians and the child is living with them, the both of you as the biological parents have to pay child support to the grandparents.

Does illegal father has more rights than grandparents Father wants full custody child's been living with grandparents for four years in AZ?

As an illegal, he probably does not have access to the legal system. The grandparents should probably determine if the father is a fit parent and, if so, do the right thing.

If you are paying child support but the child lives with the grandparents can you make the mother pay child support also?

Unfortunately, you still have to pay if these are her grandparents. It is up to the grandparents to suggest to her that she pay something towards the children. If they are your grandparents then they can seek legal council and demand she too pay child support. If she is living with the grandparents and raising your child then it is solely up to the grandparents to decide if they foot the bill or she does. Sorry. Marcy

Do you pay child support if child is living with grandparents?

If you're the parent, and the child isn't living with you, then you pay child support - unless the child has been legally adopted.

Does a dead mans estate have to pay back child support that he owes?

yes, and in states like Missouri, the paternal grandparents estate, also if they are still living at the time the father passed away.

If you are living with the mother of the child do you have to pay child support?

It is not clear from your question whether you are the father of the child. If you are the father of the child, you are legally obligated to pay child support if a child support order has been entered by a court. If you are not the father of the child but are living with the child's mother you are not obligated to pay child support.

Can child support be collect from a deported father?

It can be done if the father is living in a country that has an agreement with the US - contact your State's child support agency.

Can a Mexican mother claim child support from a father living in the US?

Any mother can go to court in the US to claim child support form the father for a child she is caring for. Babies are not born by spontaneous combustion. The father is as responsible for the child's welfare as is the mother. If the child is living with the father and custody given to the father, the mother is liable for child support, too.

Can you get child support and still be with the father?

Depends on the circumstances. Please consider the situation. The biological father is living with the mother and child/children, therefore he is (or should be) aiding in the support of the household. If the father is not living with the mother and child the mother can and should file for support regardless of the status of her current relationship with the biological father. If you are referrring to state aid regarding the care of a minor child/children, the court will NOT allow such action when the biological father is present. Of course the family may qualify for other public assistance benefits based upon their current economic circumstances.

Is obamas grandparents still living?

No, all four of his grandparents are died.

If the father is paying child support to the mother and the child is living with the father. does he still pay child support?

This depends on a couple of things, the state you are in and what your court order says. If the child is living full time with one parent it is the other parent who pays child support. However, if the child is living with the father for the summer (summer possession) the father will still continue to pay the mother child support even though the child temporarily is living with the father. The reason for this is the mother still has bills that are keeping the house and such for the child to come back too. The only way a father will not have to pay is if the court order says that during summer possession the father does not have to pay child support, but normally in this case the mother would not be obligated to pay child support to the father. However in the end, people should do what is best for the children and not worry about the dollars they receive or don't receive.

How do you apply for child support from father in Canada while mother and kids are living in US?

The mother should contact her (US) state child support agency. Be patient but persistent. Good luck!

How do you get the father living in Texas pay for child support for a child living in CA?

Contact the CA child support agency. Be polite but persistent. Good luck!

Can a British child not living in the UK sue her father for not paying child support?

No but your mother can. The child support goes to her and not you.

How can a child receive support and be living with the father?

It is assumed that when the father of the child is residing with the mother and the child he is contributing to the support of said child. If what is meant by the question is can there be a court order of support while the mother and child are residing with the father then, yes that is possible. However, it would seem to be nonsensical for such an action to take place. Unless the order were in place before the non custodial father began cohabitation. If that is the case, the current order should be adhered to regardless of the living arrangements.

Can grandparents get custody if the child has been living with them in the home since birth?

They can get guardianship with the approval of the court, plus child support from both parents.

I am in California...If a child gets pregnant while living with her mother does the father have to pay child support for the child's child as well?

Child support for the grandchild is the responsibility of the grandchilds father, not the grandchild. If the father is a minor, you can take his parents to court for support.

If a woman has 3 kids gets child support for one and the child goes to live with father that has been paying child support would the woman be obligated to pay him support when she has 2 to support?

In theory the women should now be paying for there percentage of the keep of the child that is no longer living with the women, so yes she should pay child support now.

What kind of information about elderly living should I look for?


Is it legal for a mother to collect child support while the father is living with her and the child?

It depends on the state. In most states the father would still be required to pay child support, even though he is living with the mother and the child. However, if the father was financially supporting the mother and child, it's likely that the courts would suspend the child support order.

Your 12 yr old daughter wants to get into contact with her paternal grandparents who by her father's choice know nothing about her should you let her do this or tell her to wait until she is older?

Chances are the smart move would be to wait, because potentially the father is going to be very angry with his daughter for acting contrary to his wishes (even he never actually told her what he wished). It could be argued that your daughter has the right to know her own grandparents, but they are not the people she is living with. So let her contact them after she is no longer living with her father.

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