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Should the government lower the driving age from 16?


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No they should not as if they do there will be reckless driving more often even though the driving age has been lowered

the government should lower the driving age to 15 or 16 because it could help people (young people) to be more responsible for there self's he

Lowering the Driving AgeSome believe it should be lowered to 14 and 8 months to get your license and that you should be able to determine when to take drivers training. Others even believe the driving age should be lowered to age 11. Views about this are likely divided by age. Those who would benefit from a lower driving age are likely to believe it should be lowered, but those who already have their license are likely to disagree.

It should be 15 because it would lower taxes. Teenagers that are not yet the legal driving age are tempted to drive illegally, which calls for the right disciplinary actions via the police. If the age was lowered, police would have less work, and therefore lower taxes. There are other reasons.

no. they should start driving at age 2.

NO! The driving age shouldn't be lowered at all, if anything it should be highered!

Yes, the driving age should be lowered. It helps teens learn the ways of the road at a younger age and also helps their hand-eye co-oridination. The age should be lowered to at least 15 and 6 months. This also helps them understand the knowledge of penalities and traffic violations. Teens would be accompanied by parent or gaurdian and they could also help them through the driving skills. If they lower the driving age, it will be quite an educational experience.

The driving age should be raised to 18 because of the responsiblility of the kids.No it shouldnt!! no it should not sooo yeah

They shouldn't until they are of the legal age and a mature age to start driving


it is their desion but i hope they do

The driving age should be 14 because it shows somewhat responsibility and maturity in young teenagers. However many 14 year olders are irresponsible therefore the legal driving age is right at the age of 18.

the driving age is 16 i like the driving age because when your like 11 your getting into lots of crashes and your 16 you will know the gears and then you will know how to drive

The only way to lower the voting age for federal elections is by passing an amendment to the constitution.

Ther should be no age limit but there is an age limit of 16 at the monemt.

i think people should stop driving at the age of 76-85 or if you are unable to drive

it mostly has in states like California where limitations are placed on a persons driving until 18. i think it is a good thing. As well as the driving age should be though 17. Well In New Zealand, the driving age is 15. The govurnment is going to change it to 18 or 20 at the end of the year.

No because even 16 year Olds are getting into accidents so why would they make the driving age 14

Lower or not, there will always be kids working at such age.. inevitable

i think it should change to 16 but that's my opinion

the voting age should be lowered because parants are getting tired of driving their kids to school

There should not be an age limit on driving, but instead a skill requirement. I have seen an 11 year old that can drive well, and a 45 year old that does NOT need to be driving at all!

No. Responsibility is the key, and safe driving. Not restricting someone who is capable of driving from A to B without any problems.

So the government can start influencing the children on the "right" behaviors as soon as possible. I think. You should read the book better.

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