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One of the major features of the Constitution of the United States, and one of the main reasons it has been able to change with the times, is the principle of federalism developed by the founders at the Constitutional Convention. The federal government shares powers with the local (state) governments and both state and national government have powers unique unto themselves. Local governments are closer to the people than the federal government. Mayors, city council members, and citizens of a community or state, often know what legislation is needed at the local level before the federal government can become aware of the necessity for local laws. The federal government enacts laws for the entire nation and protects our nation militarily and regulates commerce. State and local governments build upon those laws at the local level. Americans have experienced, since colonial days, the independence to enact laws for their particular situation and locale. MrV

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A government that is controlled by a single individual is called....?

A government controlled by a single individual is called a dictatorship. The leader makes all the decision for the country.

Which amendment changed how the federal government gets the money it needs to run the country?


What amendment changed how the federal government gets the money it needs to run the country?


What is a concurrent legislative list?

The Concurrent Legislative List gives powers to the federal government to legislate on certain matters of national interest for the provincial governments, or we can say, for the entire country.

Is it true the amendment is one of the ways the Constitution and the government can respond to the changing needs of the country?

Yes it is and no its not

What are three ways the constitution and government adapt to the changing needs of the country?

amendment, interpretation, and custom

What is an individual who takes control of a government and rules the country as he or she wishes?

That would be a dictator.

What is the type of government that is characterized by a single party or individual controlling the entire country and every aspect of society?

Totalitarian Government

Why is England not recognised as an individual country when it has its own government and football team etc?

England does not in fact have its own government. Its legislature is the United Kingdom parliament and its government is that of the United Kingdom.

What country was the Platt amendment?

The country that the Plat Amendment was signed for was Cuba. It was an amendment that was signed in 1901 and called for the withdrawal of all remaining US troops in Cuba.

Who established the rights of individual American citizens that the government must respect?

The rights of the individual were established the founders of the country. This means the men who wrote the Constitution of the United States.

What would happen without the third amendment?

Without the 3rd amendment, the government and military would be allowed to force anyone living in the USA to house soldiers in their home and feed them while the country was in peace and not at war.

Type of government in South America?

Each country in South America has its own individual government - most of which are democratically elected - some are more leftist than others.

What right is established by the 2nd Amendment?

The second amendment allows two things: -The right of the people to possess and own firearms. -The right of the states to raise militias. Such an amendment was meant to secure the rights of Americans from their own government, and to protect the country incase of a foreign, hostile invasion.

There is a war with the country of canexico and the government wants to force you to house and feed a soldier which amendment prohibits this?

Read the first 10 amendments to the constitution and you will find your answer.

What are the major governments of Europe?

The major governments in Europe vary from country to country. The main government is the European Union. Although there are still countries that have not joined the union. Each country has their own individual governments that rule that country.

IS it possible for individuals to sue a polititcal party?

That might depend on the specific country in which you live, but in general, I don't see why not. In general, an individual can sue another individual, or an organization. In some countries it is even possible for an individual to sue the government.

What might define people living in a section of a country interested only in how legislation affects their section?

Yeah i researched on that..they dont legislate..

Is northern Ireland a state or country?

Northern Ireland is a country within the United Kingdom with its own devolved government. Its status is similar to individual states within the United States.

How did the thirteenth amendment effect the north?

the thirteenth amendment abolished slavery through out the country

How would a California constitutional amendment be repealed?

There are five ways: 1) Prove the amendment was enacted via fraudulent promotion, or 2) Overthrow the government, or 3) Promote and pass another amendment to replace the amendment you want repealed, or 4) Promote and pass a federal amendment to the constitution which would trump a state constitution, or 5) Move to a state or country which doesn't have such a statute in their constitution.

Legislature chooses the executive in which form of government?

The legislature is responsible for choosing the executive in the parliamentary form of government. This is the individual that will be responsible for carrying out all leadership of a particular country in which they are in control over.

What country has a totalitarian government?

what country has a totalitary government

Which amendment prohibited the making selling and shipping of alcoholic beverages?

The 18th ammendment The ratification of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution in 1919, the federal government imposed a "one-size fits-all" policy on the country. The 18th Amendment prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcoholic beverages into, out of, or within any State. Prohibition came to an end in 1933 with the ratification of the 21st Amendment.

What is a country with an autocratic government?

A country with an autocratic government is a country were only the government can make the decisions. So, the people who live within a country with an autocratic government have no say in their country's legislation.