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Should the internet be regulated if so by whom?


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Well it depends on what kind of regulation you are talking about. And you need to understand that it is regulated to some extent already.

The contents of the Internet are regulated by each country that accesses it, such as the anti-child pornography laws in the US. That is a form of regulation if you think about it. Also you can not post certain things on the net without having them subject to investigations like hate speech or threats.

So if you think about it, the Internet is already regulated to some extent, there are even state laws, like Florida's that prevent people from doing certain things on the Internet like sending threats, harassing others and so on.

If you are referring to charging money for things on the Internet, you will find that is already happening also. If you order an item from a company in the states, and you live in the same state or certain states, you pay a tax on that item. So there is another form of regulation.

As for a uniformity regulation, there is already a type of regulation that limits the type of things you can put on the net, that is limited by the browsers we use. They require HTML language to be used so it can be viewed. That's another form of regulation.

There are even regulations (rules) on what types or formats names of pages take on the Internet, you have to conform to a naming format or your pages will not show, another type of regulation.

So when it all boils down to it, the Internet is already regulated quite a bit, and that's why it works the way it does.

If you are referring to some other type of regulation of the Internet, then let me know and I will try to address that one specifically. :)



The internet is NOT regulated. It has become well known on how to get around any small areas that might be regulated. When discussing regulation you must talk about what that means and why it needs to happen. The internet has become a major tool of anonymity for people to abuse. Children are making porn videos. Not surprisingly since most of the internet consists of free porn videos to view. When the internet intially came about, it was simply viewed as a way of networking or sharing information. It wasn't automatically thought of as a place of mischief. Now it is completely. It is completely apparent, through centuries of history and the history of the internet, that people abuse too much freedom. You've heard the saying, "Too much of anything is bad for you". The internet is living proof.

Because modern culture has become strictly a corporate one, human needs are suffering. ALl the things we used to teach our children are not being taught at all. People are allowing themselves to be busy due to the demands of the evil corporate empire. Kids are getting neglected and to fill the void, they are getting more television, pop music, internet, and other material things. They are learning nothing about life. Life isn't something that grabs you. WE are all responsible for how life turns out in the next decade. Its up to us. But the way kids are being raised today is the exact opposite. The internet is the primary tool being used to contaminate our children.

If anonymity was completely removed from the internet, all problems would be solved. All this talk about privacy is an excuse for bad people to get what they want. Rich people and businesses are goind to lobby in favor of privacy because it allows them to continue to feed the lurkers for profit. Porn is especially in this category. Before the internet, people were held accountable at all times because you didn't make an action without everyone knowing who you are. Now you can pretend to be John Smith. This has turned the world upside down. If anonymity was illegal, then people would learn to behave ONCE AGAIN. This would help eliminate terrorists online, predators online, and because children wouldn't be viewing porn or other garbage, their minds would become full of good things ONCE AGAIN. Until people wise up and agree with what I am saying, the world will continue to become darker. You'll see.