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Is she in love or lust? If he is cheating on his wife for the mistress. Chances are he'll get another mistress if she becomes his 2nd wife. Drop him and find someone who will be faithful to the women he makes commitments to.

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Q: Should the mistress try to leave the man she is deeply in love with to look for someone single or wait?
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If an ex mistress wants to talk to her married man again because they were good friends b4 the affair should she send him an email or talk to him in person if he was the one who stopped talking to her?

the mistress should not say anything to the married man at all. he made the decision to end communication with her for a reason. the reason the mistress should leave him alone is because he's married and the mistress is breaking up his family whether or not she knows it. so she should just let him go and find someone new and single to be with

What is a mistress?

A mistress is a woman who is single, divorced, or sometimes still married. She gets involved with another married man.

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Is Amanda piper single?

yes she is single. but she is deeply in love with Casey White.

What do you do if you fancy someone but their already going out with someone?

There is nothing you can do or should do. They are in a relationship with someone else and you should move on and focus your interest towards someone else that is single.

Is elise williamson single?

No, but she is deeply in love with Ella

Are euglena single celled or multi- cellular?

Someone should really answer that question

Why do married men treat the other single woman they fancied bad?

The single woman is called a 'mistress' and what should she expect. In most cases men who choose to have a mistress are basically using them for sexual favors and may either be nice to them (if that is their personality) or treat them badly (he could have treated his wife badly as well and may even have a dislike of women in general.) At first the married man will show his good characteristics, but soon will become bored with his mistress (the percentage of a married man getting a divorce and marrying his mistress is extremely low) and is some cases the married man will go back to his wife.

What kind of a married man ask a single woman out?

someone you should dump

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If you love someone and she Married to someone else?

You should not enter fear with this marriage, go find a single person. This will cause big heart aches.

Is someone single?

Yes, someone in the world is single. ------------------------- Indeed everyone is single before they get married.

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Was Adolph Hitler single?

No, he had a mistress Eva Braun for many years and he eventually married her the day before they both committed suicide.

A boy and I used to like each other but saw him as a friend so I dated someone over him. A year later I'm single and I realized I LOVE the boy I used to like. Is it possible that he can like me again?

Yes if you deeply apologize and act cute and nice

What should you do if you fancy a boy at school but they have a girlfriend-HELP?

Leave him alone. He's already with someone else. Find someone who's single and date them. There's plenty of them out there.

How do you get rid of someone who is wanting your girl friend?

Just tell him to go away, and that she's not single at the moment, and you are dating her. That should get rid of him.

How do you tell someone that you don't like them without crushing them in the process?

i'm sorry but i have someone already or if you don't have someone you should be like i'm sorry but i want to be single for as long as i can ........Or i'm not ready to start dating right now

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How do you know if someone is single?

ask them

Who is dating Christian cage?

Christian is currently single, he just went through a divorce, and I know this cause I was the mistress he left his wife for. So there's your answer.

Why do married men control the mistress?

Answer When you decide to be someone's mistress you lower your own standards in life. You should ask yourself why would I settle for a married man when I can have a single man and in doing so, pehaps you can enlighten yourself as to why you become the controlled one of the two of you. Men naturally love control so if you don't want to be controlled put your foot down and tell this guy where to get off, but do remember, you are the second woman in his life, not the first, and if he found you he can find another woman too. That being said, don't let anyone ever control you. Be yourself and stand firm in your belief's.

What should you do if you're single and you want to change that?

...not be single.

How do you tell a man about your feelings for him when he is already in a relationship?

You don't - he is in a relationship and it would be wrong to try and come between them - you wouldn't like it if someone was to do that to you. You should move forward and focus your interest elsewhere, someone who is single.

Is cainan wiebe dating someone?

No he is currently single he is almost 17 and is still single.

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