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"Inc" is not a word, it's an abbreviation for "Incorporated," and there should be a comma before it.

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Q: Should there be a comma before the word inc?
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Do you put a comma before and after the word Inc in a sentence?

No you don't.

Should you use a comma before the word Corp in a company name?

In a company name such as "ABC Corp," do not use a comma. However, use a comma in the formulation, "ABC, Inc."

Do you add a comma before or after Inc?

You would use a comma before it. Xerox, Inc.

Does a comma go before inc?

Yes, but a space comes after the comma like this:, inc

Is a comma used after Inc in a sentence?

There is not a comma after Inc but there is a period then you continue the sentence. It should look like this- Inc.

Should there be comma after company name and before Inc?

no there shouldn't be any marks besides periods.

Should a comma be used after Inc in a sentence?

If Inc. is an abbreviation, then it should be followed by a full stop, If Inc. falls as part of a sentence then both a full stop and a comma is required.

Should a comma be used after Inc?

You must use a period after the shortened version of the word Incorporated. Inc. Here is another example. Master of Divinity = M.Div.

Do you use a comma after inc?

not if inc stands for including- it should be a full stop "." to indicate abbreviation and then continue sentence without a capital letter on the following word

Should there be a comma after the abbreviation Inc?

No. Inc. is the abbreviation for "incorporated" and it needs to be set off by a comma and followed by a period. If however the sentence continues after the "Inc." there needs to be a comma after the period. For example: Name of the Employer: ABC Company, Inc. She works at ABC Company, Inc., where she has been working as an administrative assistant.

When do you put a comma after using inc?


Do you use a comma after inc in a sentence?