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no its the parent job to control that, any way how would the law know how much they watch ! ?

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Q: Should there be laws to control the amount of tv young children watch?
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Should children watch cartoon or not?

children should watch cartoons in television or not

How much TV should a 13 year old watch?

It depends on your outlook. Some people believe that children should watch a very scarce amount of television and others believe that television is good for children to watch a large amount daily. I think there shouldn't be a limit as long as their homework and chores and other things are completed.

Why all children should watch the news?

so they watch something

How many hours per day should children watch television?

There is no reason why they SHOULD watch any!

Should children be allowed to watch any programme?


How old can you children be to watch other children?

You should probably be 12 to babysitt.

Why should kids not have a tv in their room?

Children do not need a TV for several reasons. Parents need to be able to control what children watch, to make sure they don't stay up and watch all night, and to spend time as a family. It is important that there is family time and communication .

Should children watch N aruto?

no, because there are naked girls in some episodee and children are not allawed to watch something like thatt

Should children watch when playing video games?

They should, in order to see what they are doing.

Should my children watch a clockwork orange?

The movie, A Clockwork Orange is said to have violent and disturbing images so it may not be suitable for your children to watch.

Should children under the age 13 be able to watch MTV?


Should children watch anything on television?

i think that if they wish to, they should be able to.Another view:It seems the first answer was either written by a child, a person who has no children, or has no interest in the well being of their children. NO - children should NOT be allowed to watch anything they want.While it's perfectly fine for children to watch some TV programs, there are some which children should not be allowed to watch. And, as parents, it's their responsibility to monitor what their children do watch, and not use the TV as a 'babysitter.Children are exposed to far too much violence and sex on TV, which can result in them becoming desensitized to those things, causing them to feel the need for further violence in what they watch for stimulation or entertainment. That's only one of the ways in which violence leads to violence.If kids watch extreme violence on TV not just while they are still in their formative years, but also when they are young teens, it can result in them experimenting with things they do watch. There have been many instances where a child saw a violent act on TV, then 'acted it out', resulting in their death, or the death of another child.Parents need to be responsible in what they allow their children watch on TV, and only let them watch age appropriate programs. TV's have parental controls so parents can easily control what their children watch, even if they are not present while the child is watching TV.

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