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rust on a vehicle as early as a few years old is not uncommon, most auto makers the past few years have used good rust repelent paint that allows cars to last longer however if you have rust on your car and you think its too early for that type of wear you may wanna take a few things into consideration, if you live in a coastal area, or live in a place that snows a great deal, you may be dealing with the salt content, salt is not good for steal parts, especially door panels and fenders, if your Jeep is rusting in a place you dont thing it should be doing that maybe you are experienceing build up of salt in that area. also pin holes made by rocks can sometimes chip your paint job enough to start little ares where rust can begin.

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Q: Should there be rusting on the lip just below the tailgate on a 2003 wrangler x already?
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What should we do to the iron to prevent rusting?

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