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Q: Should they dispence Fentanyl in a safer way?
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What safer Train or Airplane?

Aircraft are way safer

Should i keep visru in quarantine or delete it?

You can also quarantine it or delete it but the safer way is to delete it.

Is Fentanyl better than avinza for back pain?

way better

Which side of the road to walk on?

You Should walk on the left hand side of the road,it's more safer that way

Can you take Fentanyl and Xanax?

If you have a tolerance to fentanyl and xanax then yes. Otherwise it's a common way to overdose on drugs due to users basically "suffocating" due to severely depressed breathing.

Should you Add coolant to a cold engine?

It is a lot safer to do it that way. There will be no pressure in the system when it is cold. So the likelyhood of scalding yourself is at a minimum.

Is safer a word?

Yes, definitely. It is the comparative form of the adjective "safe" (more safe). The superlative form is "safest" -e.g. My way is safe, yours is safer, but his is the safest.

How do you administer 12.5 mcg Fentanyl with a 25 mcg patch?

You can't - it doesn't work that way. You can add patches to get a larger dose, but you can't cut them to get lower dose. The only way to do it is to either go to a lower patch dose, or use Fentanyl lozenges.

Is there a safer way to get ivory from elephants?

No, all the ways to get ivory from elephants is wrong and will kill the elephants. You should NOT buy or get elephant's ivory tusks. Do not be a poacher.

Why do Americans migrate to New Zealand?

For an easier and safer way of life.

What are the functions of low rise buildings?

Much safer way of building

Why is it recommendedto carrry a load close to the surface on a forklift?

It is safer that way.

Is msn much safer than bebo?

yes it is by way far

What do you do if I am afraid of airplanes?

Think of the FACT that they are way safer than road vehicles.

Why did people want to find a faster way and safer route to the far east?

Well, it's always beneficial to find a safer and faster way to do anything. Usually it means more money at less risk.

Do you think Food is safer today than it was 100 years ago?

It depends on how you look like it. 100 years ago, you didn't have the ideas of bacteria and other germs. So in that way, today's food is much safer. But in the idea of safer as in, 'fattty', it's not safer. 100 years ago, sugary, packaged foods were not around. So food today is not safer for your cholesterol, but safer for colon:)

What are the advantages of airplanes?

Airplanes reduce travel time. and they are also a safer way to travel.

What does working safely mean?

To work in such a way that you create a healthier and safer workplace for everbody.

How can you keep nuclear plants safer?

Not building them in earthquake zones would be one way.

Does your excretion have to do with fat loss?

That's important, but EXERTION mike be a safer way to go

Can you feed a horse a full apple?

Yes, but it is safer for both the person and the horse to feed smaller sized bites. Safer for the person as it is easier to insure no fingers are in harm's way. Safer for the horse as smaller size bites prevent choke.

What is the safest way to move a car across the country?

If your vehicle is powerful enough, you should be able to drive it. If your vehicle is practically a lemon, it may be safer to rent something to tow your car.

How do you get cydia with icy?

You cant get Icy anymore. Besides Cydia is way more safer to use.

Does Panama abolish their armies?

They do abolish their armies. They believe it is safer that way. Weird. Didn't you know that?

What are five precautions that help make trains safer for workers and passengers?

stay outta the way