Should torture be justified in the US?

In the United States, probably not. The issue becomes what is torture? Water boarding has been considered both a torture and non torture method of gathering information. It has been been only under very extreme situations and has had extremely high yield.

If the life of thousands of Americans (or actually any innocent people) are at stake, I personally have no problem with this occurring in a military setting. This is even more important a tool when dealing with extremists such as we see in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The current situation is not really addressed by this question either. The questioned water boarding (that yielded great results) did not happen "in" America. In war the rules change. In a war zone, if the torture save a buddy or family member, I would be right there with the butt of my gun trying to do what I could to save them. Yes, in that case it is justified. Arrest me later, I want them alive.