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Probably not, you should let the cheating spouse know that you know he's cheating though! If you want answers, you can contact the mistress to get the truth... although she may just direct you back to your spouse and tell you to talk to him (to avoid confrontation).


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Yes, a cheating spouse can affect one's couth. It hurts to be cheated on so the victim of the cheater could have too much to drink and say things to their spouse in front of others or go after the person that is cheating with their spouse and make a complete fool of themselves. Often the victim of cheating will go after the wrong person .. the other guy or the mistress. It is the spouse that should be made responsible for cheating as they have control over their own life and can form the word 'no' or simply not cheat. There are no excuses for cheating.

Just wrong and deserve the boot!!

* Why go after the mistress! It should be your mate that you go after as they instigated the affair. You have a choice of splitting up if you are just going together or, if married you can sit down and discuss the problems in your marriage and try to work on a more successful marriage; separate from your spouse or divorce him.

Spouse who cheat will never tell everything they did with their mistress, specially if this married man has to go back to his wife. He will tell some but not the one that you wanted to know. He might add or take something of to that story he told you so you will not bug him anymore.

If you have the proof your spouse is engaged in a cyber relationship then you should run off copies of what you have found and confront your spouse. Some people feel flirting; talking dirty, but no sexual contact with the opposite sex on the Internet is not cheating, but it is.

You should NOT being cheating on anyone. The above is correct. Stop now. Either with the "other" or the "spouse".

Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse. Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse.

cheating ANSWER: what about Adultery and Adulteress

You can, but I wouldn't. Ask them if they were cheating. If not, then say nothing.

I'd be more concerned with confronting my spouse then the person they're cheating with. That's the only relationship that should be on concern. Do what I did with my first husband when his mistress phoned me and wanted to talk "woman-to-woman" I told her I'd tie a big red bow on his butt and send him over and she could put up with his antics! I left!

Yes, the wife can feel like a mistress when her husband is having an affair because he may well either love his wife; love both women or, he wants to continue with a sexual relationship with his wife and the adventure of having a sexual relationship that is exciting with his mistress. A wife that puts up with her husband's cheating is an enabler and if she allows it to go on then she is not only stripping herself of her dignity and self worth, but she her husband will not respect her for putting up with it. 'You' are in control of this situation and sit down with your husband and tell him you are not putting up with his cheating and he either goes to marriage counseling with you; drops the mistress or you are divorcing him. This should get his attention!

Cheating your spouse is not a good thing. It could land you into loneliness and other miserable feelings.

Your spouse teasing you or not talking is common. They are feeling left out as you are cheating on someone else.

Yes, some individuals can think their spouse is cheating when they are not. Some individuals have a jealous streak because they are not confident in themselves or perhaps have been hurt by someone else in the past that did cheat. Once an individual has been cheated on previously they are more inclined to be more suspicious of their new spouse cheating. This is where good communication skills is most important in a relationship and you should feel free to discuss how you feel with your spouse and then listen to what they have to say. There are male and female spouses who do cheat, but in most cases the signs are there or eventually the spouse cheating will give themselves away or be caught. We all risk a spouse cheating throughout our life spans, but thankfully a higher percentage do not cheat. Your relationship should be based on trust and if you do not feel you have it then work on it by communicating with your spouse or, if you are having difficulties with thinking your spouse is cheating there is nothing wrong with seeing a psychologist to get you over your difficult time.

She should shut up and listen to whatever he says.

Just because this person is a narcissist doesn't make then much different than anyone else cheating with your spouse and you should be more concerned about your spouse cheating. By all means sit down with the narcissists spouse and tell the whole story, but be sure you have absolute proof before doing so. Don't be surprised if the narcissist's spouse becomes angry and is denial, but, in time the spouse will become to believe it.

you shouldn't have to understand.. cheating is not acceptable in any relationship

No I think if they both want to work it out and the cheating spouse is remorseful then they should try to work it out.

If a spouse wants clues to check them out financially checking credit cards to see if the cheating spouse is staying in motels or hotels; check phone records; bank statements or how much money the cheating spouse is taking out of the bank from a joint account.

No, but it is frowned upon.

No spouse should have to put up with their spouse cheating or continuing to cheat. You can sit down with your husband and tell him you refuse to put up with his cheating and if he continues then you will file for divorce. No man or woman in a marriage is to stay in a marriage where one is disloyal. You should have self confident enough to know what you want and do not want in your life.

The percentage of a man having a mistress (cheating on his spouse or, if it is a girlfriend) is low when it comes to marrying the girl he is cheating with. However, there is a small percentage that love the girl they are cheating with and the man doesn't have the backbone to tell his mate about her so he often wants to be caught and the decision is left up to the mate to part ways.

When a spouse breaks that bond of trust it will take several months to possibly a year or more (of good behavior) for that cheating husband to earn the trust back from their spouse. The victim of a cheating spouse should never make it easy for the cheater to come back into their lives and continue on as if nothing has happened, but, they should not harp at the cheating spouse or the relationship would wither away. To err is human and sometimes either men or women make a mistake and cheat, but some never cheat again while others may find themselves cheating over and over again. This is why it is important for the victim of cheating to tell their spouse they will only take them back if they agree to go to marriage counseling where the marriage counselor can give them the tools to correct the weak areas in the marriage. If the cheating spouse refuses, then it is better to walk away from the marriage.

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