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You shouldn't toy with a girls emotions like that... girls have it really hard and the girl will get excited and when you realize you don't like her in that way, you're going to end up hurting her.

Okay It's probably not the best idea to ask her out immediately. Spend some time with her, get to know her, and if you're still not sure, then ask her out but keep it very very casual and don't get serious about your relationship until you know that you like her back. If you keep it very casual and you decide you aren't attracted to each other, then you let her off very easy and make sure she knows that you still like her as a person and don't ignore her after that. But don't be a tease and mess with people. Don't jump into anything until you're ready.

Don't TeaseIf you're not sure if you like her then why would you date her? To kill time? That girl's feelings would be hurt and she'd be crushed and devastated. Everything changes if you do like her. Just make sure you're faithful to her, don't play with her heart. "A girl's heart is the most fragile thing a person can come across."


If you are not sure you like the person, then don't ask them out. It's as simple as that. Dating for fun isn't usually a great idea, because your date will usually be able to tell that your affection for them isn't genuine. Date only when you know that you like the person. "Maybe" or "not sure" are not good enough answers.

No WayNEVER ask someone out just because they like you, both of you will end up getting hurt. Don't ask her unless your sure you will enjoy being with her. If you didn't and end up stopping it after say a week you wont like what this girl might do or say! I can guarantee you. Why Even Ask This?Umm, NO! That is totally using her. Especially if she reallylikes you. What goes around comes around darling. You use her and one day some girl you adore might do the same. Definetly Not!No! you shouldn't. If the girl really likes you, and your not sure if you like her, but you say you do, you could be crushing her! She probubly has some serious feelings about you. The best thing to do, would be to wait it out. Get to know her more, and then see if your interested in her.


AnswerNo, but are you even slightly attracted to her? It is wrong to lead someone on and it may come to bite you in the butt later. I think you need to be honest with her, whatever you decide to do. You could ask her to the movies or to dinner some time and then just take it from there. Maybe just hanging out to see if anything comes from it, if your feelings for her stay the same, you need to let her know that. She may be hurt, but she will appreciate your honesty. No one deserves to be lied to.


NO! you'll just hurt her


YES!!!! i asked a girl out that liked me and i didnt like her that much... BUT now i like her ALOT. (the year before i was her enemy. now were good friends)

i think you lot are being a bit harsh you might as well ask her out cos you might grow to like her and well in the mean time... but that's only if you're ok with being known as a player
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You like a girl but not sure she likes you what should you do?

Ask her friend whether she likes you.

What should you do if you like this girl and you are not sure whether she likes you?

You should tell her how you feel. Good Luck!

You like a girl but you are not sure if she likes you back what should you do please answer?

get a friend to ask but it should be someone that talks to both you and the girl

What should you do if you are sure your crush likes you but it also seems like he likes another girl?

maybe tell him you like him like i did and he might say he likes you back like mine said to me

What Should you do if you like a boy and he likes be back and he also likes another girl please help I do not knowwhat to do?

It depends if the other girl likes him too if he likes you and the other girl and the other girl likes him back then you should let him decide who he likes best and maybe it will be you, and if not he most likely will ask you out next. if the other girl doesnt like him back just make sure he knows u like him, and that he doesnt think the other girl likes him. Hope this helps!!!

What happens if a boy likes a girl but another girl likes him what should the other girl do?

I think that the best thing to do is to tell him. Sure, he doesn't like you, but he deserves to know how you feel

What should a guy say to a girl he likes?

the best thing you can do is tell her that you like her. make sure you compliment her and also ask her who she likes.

If you are not sure if a girl likes you but you like them so much what should you do?

Talk to them you will never know till you try

If a bisexual girl likes you and you like her to should you ask her out?

sure, if you both like each other then go ahead. What do you have to lose?

You like a girl but not sure if she likes you?

ask her directly

When you are not sure if a girl likes you or not what should you do?

Ask her, or a friend of hers.

If a girl askes ''I should have asked you to the dance'' does that mean she likes you?

Well only she can answer this for sure but it sure sounds like a possibility.

You have a crush on this girl and you flirt a little and are quite sure she likes you but she has a crush on another guy what should you do?

if you really like her ask her if she likes you and tell her you like her that way she will know how you really feel and youll get your answer if she likes you or not, its a long shot but if u truly like this girl you will do as i say!

I think this girl likes me but I'm not sure if i should ask her out what should I do?

well, if you really like her, ask her questions about what she like to do. then maybe you can feel more comfortable asking her on a date, if you can take her to a place, or do something she likes to do. :)

The girl that you like got asked out by someone else and you told her to say yes if she likes him did you make the right choice?

Sure. Why should she say noif she likes him?

You know this girl and she knows you and you really like her and your parents are good friends and you think she kinda likes you but your not sure What should you do?

ask her out

What should you do if you like a girl but your not sure she likes you back what should you do?

there's really not that much option but to ask her (i know it sounds crazy) or get one of your friends to ask her who she really won't know for sure until it comes out of her mouth......

I really like my best guy friend but im pretty sure he likes another girl should I stop liking him?

dont stop likeing him just because he likes sombody else, if you like him you should try and give him little hints that you like him to see if he likes you

What do you do when a girl you really like really likes you too?

The thing you should do is to make sure she likes you first. When you are certain that she does, make sure your parents won't interfere. Then, give her hints you like her and after awhile, when you feel both of you are ready, confess your love to her.

How do you gain enough confidence to talk to a girl you like in person that you know likes you aswell?

if you are a hundred percent sure she likes you, as you like her. go for it theres nothing to loose.. you should have enough confidence knowing she likes you the same way you like her goodluck!

When a girl who likes you asks you who you like when you don't like them then what should I reply without hurting their feelings?

Say well i like this one girl but im not quite sure wat her name is but shes hot

Okay ill explain my situation i like this girl in my class 8th grade. she is 13 and im 14. i think she knows i like her but im not sure if she likes me i want to know how to find out if she likes me?

You should ask her friend if she likes you. Whatever the answer is tell her friend to tell the girl you like her.

Should the girl go and talk to the guy if he said he want to know the girl when a mutual friend told him the girl likes the guy?

ya sure, sounds like a good idea.

Should you get a 6Th grade girl that you like but your not sure if she likes you a valentines day gift And if so what?

If you like her you should qet her a gift.Im a girl so i would chocolate andmaybe some ballooons or a card sayinq how you feel about me.

Should i date the boy that you like and he likes you back at age 13?

Sure, if you like him and he likes you, then go for it.

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