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In all honesty, him saying "Maybe," basically meant that he's wasn't interested in dating you. I think you'd be better off meeting other guys who actually would be worth your time.

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If you asked a girl out and she said no but your friends say she really likes you should you ask her out again?

It depends on why she said no, give her another chance and see what she says. If she says no again, without an explanation, perhaps you should move on.New Answer HeadlineYou should get to know her, as friends, and maybe it will lead on from there if she was truly into you. If she wasn't then, you two will stay friends and she won't flirt with you.

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I asked a girl out and she said she would be out of town and then said maybe some other time. What does this mean?

She is telling you to ask her out again.

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You should ask him at?

the end of school like at the holidays or something because then if he says no then during the holidays maybe I said maybe he will forget him and move on

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No because If she said a lot of things about you, she is not worth it. How do you know that she won't do it again.

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Should you be happy if a boy in your class said that he like someone in your class when he was staring strait in your eyes?

Maybe, maybe not... if it's someone you don't like, probably not.

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Which cartoon character said rats foiled again?

Who said, "Rats foiled again!"

What should you do if your schizophrenic boyfriend is doing cocaine and said he won't do it again if it hurts you yet he did it again?

Try and get him help, and if he doesnt take it... walk away

How would you punctuate I don't know he said maybe i could take a few days off next week?

It should be--- I don't k now. He said maybe I could take a few days off next week.

I like this girl and i asked her out and she said no but i still can't stop thinking about her what should i do?

Try being her friend. Talk to her more and grow closer as friends. Maybe things will change and you can try asking her out again and the answer will be yes. Be sure to tell her how you feel.

Hi i just asked a girl out and she thought about it for a few seconds and said no. should i ask her out again?

Well when this guy asked me out I was forced to say no I really wanted to go with him but I knew what my parents would say this guy is currently my boyfriend we got together recently and haven't been out once cause we know the circumstances maybe if u approach her nicely and ask her why she said no don't ask her out again ask her why she said no and depending on her answer u'll know what to do

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If a girl said she wont's to be friends but still seems to like you should you ask her out again?

No, she likes you as a friend.