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It is strictly up to the individual and if one chooses to not have premarital sex then there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. There are actual clubs forming for young couples to practice abstinence before marriage and the percentages are getting higher. Some say it's better to have some experience while others feel they love the person so much they want to save themselves for their wedding night. If both partners feel the same then do what you feel is right. Don't let your peers pressure you as you are master of your mind, body and soul!

2006-08-20 06:55:43
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What is relationship of between planning and decision making?

what is the relationship between decision making and planning.?

What step showed the colonists final decision regarding their relationship with Britain?

The colonists in America made their final decision regarding their relationship with Britain on July 4, 1776 when they formally declared their independence from their mother country. After the Declaration of Independence was unanimously ratified by Congress, the thirteen colonies were committed to their war of independence from Britain.

When to end a lesbian relationship?

If you feel your girlfriend is not right for you, you make the decision you think is right for your relationship.

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 8 months I love him but our relationship was really complicated did I make the right decision?

If you feel you made the right decision and the relationship was putting to much stress on you, then most likely you made the right decision.

What do you do when girls try to take away your boyfriend?

Really, you shouldn't have to do much of anything. If a girl can take him from you, than that is really more his fault than hers. He is the one in a committed relationship, and he has the final decision on what he does to affect it. If he is holding up to his end of things, he will let her know that he is not interested and not feed into what she is trying to do. The biggest decision you have to make is do you trust him or not. If you do, let him handle it. If you don't, you might want to reconsider your relationship.

What is relationship between lay out decisions capacity decision and scheduling?

what relationship exists among the layout decisions,capacity decisions and scheduling

What is the relationship between problem solving and decision making?

A switch that triggers an action, without the output from problem solving, there would be no reasonable decision to make.

What is the relationship between a policy and a decision?

A policy is more general. It is a guide line that you go by all the time. A decision would apply to a specific case.

What does Assemblies of God say about dating?

There is a link at the Assemblies of God website ( It covers their beliefs about Dating & Courtship. As a member of the Assemblies, I would say that our beliefs regarding dating, courtship, and marriage are similar to other evangelical/Pentecostal Christians. Naturally, premarital intercourse (including behaviors short of it) would be frowned upon and considered sinful. Also, dating or marrying an unbeliever is considered an unwise decision. They hearken to the Scripture stating " ye not unequally yoked..." for this truth.

Who decides if a error is committed in major league baseball?

The official scorekeeper makes that decision.

What decision does Brent make at the end of Chapter 1 in whirligig?

he committed suicide but to fail.

What is the relationship between financial decision making and risk and return?

plz quote me the answer of the above question

What does relationship with refree mean?

its simply relationship with a guardian who you both relate your differences to and the "referee" interferes to help you guys agree and move on to a blissful affair. Such relationship relies 85% on the referees decision or idea.

Decision reached when both sides give in a little?

A decision that is reached when both sides give is called a compromise. This is the basis of any good relationship between two people.

Does a 13 year old boy have the choice where he wants to live?

He must obey the decision of his parents. He will have to try and influence them into which one he will live with if there is going to be a split in the relationship but they will have the ultimate decision.

What do you do if your husband is cheating with the same woman for the last five?

Its time for YOU to make a decision. It is NOT time to ask him to make a decision. He already has. You can choose to be in a relationship of 3, or move on. END OF STORY

What has the author Ronald Leslie Dockett written?

Ronald Leslie Dockett has written: 'The relationship of cognitive styles to decision-making behavior' -- subject(s): Cognition, Decision making

When should love be removed from your decision to end a relationship due to lies and cheating?

the moment you found out that he was cheating on you

How accurate are the results of an online relationship test?

The results of an online relationship test are usually somewhat accurate. You should take it seriously, but not too seriously, as you are ultimately the decision maker.

Do Muslim women believe in premarital sex?

No! The Muslim Religion is anti pre maritial anything. But to each is own and I am sure ther re many women out there that still believe in the Religious beliefs but feel that they should be able to make a decision such as premaritial sex on their own!

What does appeal affirmed mean?

Affirming the decision of the lower court means that the appeals court concluded that no error was committed during the lower court trial and that the lower court's decision stands.

Do doctors need to know last vaginal intercourse before getting on birth control?

It's helpful to know the date of the last intercourse becuase it may alter decision making regarding emergency contraception, and so that the prescriber can give appropriate advice about when to check again for pregnancy. For some methods, like the IUD, the date of last intercourse (if not using adequate protection) can affect when insertion is planned.

What are voluntary and involuntary relationships?

ANSWER:Let see here, what is the difference between this two. Voluntary relationship is an agreement or decision from both man and woman entering a relationship or affairs. Involuntary is a decision of one person without the other person agreeing with it. It's like day and night, or black and white.

What are the limitations of system analysis?

System analysis can not completely alter how people in the decision-making process relate. Also, it is only effective where a close relationship exists between decision-maker and analyst.

How is a decision made as to when a crime is investigated as a federal matter rather than a local matter?

By the offense that is committed - where it was committed - what specific applicable law was violated, usually determines who has "jurisdiction."