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Should you be able to press the timing chain tensioner with the finger on a 4.6 1998 Ford pickup?


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2014-02-10 17:18:26
2014-02-10 17:18:26

If the cover is off and yess it should be tight on the drivers side as the crankshaft is turning the camshaft.


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there are two tensioners, the serpentine tensioner and the timing belt tensioner. the timing belt tensioner is behind the timing belt cover ;)

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When you change the timing belt inspect the tenstioner. If it is not in perfect condition replace it.

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The Pontiac Grand Prix has a Timing Chain with a spring loaded tensioner. The tensioner is know to wear, crack and then break. The timing chain and tensioner should be replaced at 100,000 miles. This is a pretty big job that can be done with the motor in the car. $$$ Ray

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There is no timing ajustment, Its controled by ECM- Computer.

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auto store usually special order for a timing belt tensioner or belt tensioner

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