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Should you be afraid of a sociopath when they are caught in a lie?


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My dad is a Sociopath. I will continue to believe that until his dying breath he can be helped. Perhaps I'm delusional, but I have to believe that he can be helped. I'm not afraid of him. Even when he gets violent and abusive. I rather get angry because he thinks he has the right to hit my brothers, my mom and sometimes me whenever he desires. This is not right. The Sociopath thrives on the fear that others feel. They get some kind of satisfaction from the fear shown by others. My dad seems to feel some kind of pleasure at the suffering of others. I don't think one should reveal their fear to the Sociopath, but it's naturally human to be scared of such a person. Dayle

Comment: Dayle, above, should seek help from social services or her doctor or someone to connect up with support for victims of abuse.

That said: Sociopaths who lie and are caught at it usually surprise people observing them by NOT responding very strongly -- this is part of how they fool so-called lie-detector tests (which are horribly inaccurate anyway!) -- but here and there, one might fly into a rage if punishment of some kind is imposed along with the exposure of the fraud. In that case, stay safe, stay away.

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because sometimes a lie can lead you down the wrong path,including death.also if you lie to the wrong person and they found out the can hurt you.just do the right thing and you wont have to lie about anything.Lies are bad. You will eventually get caught and then follows drama. when you tell 1 lie you have to tell 10 more to cover for it and if you lied to someone with a good memory then you will get caught for all 11 lies. Or you tell another lie to cover for the first 1 AGAIN.

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There isn't anything that you can do directly but this person will have to address their lying issues and in order for them to stop getting caught would be not to lie in the first place. Do what is best for you and be careful as you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time with this person and get caught up in their lies that could cause problems for you.

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Girls lie when caught cheating because they're most likely to scared to face the facts or it might also be the fact that, cheating for a woman is more frowned upon than a man who cheats. Really it should both equally be frowned upon.

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Catch your word if you said lie

you would get caught and you might go to jail

You probably won't get caught, but if you're a minor and you do get caught, you can be charged with fraud, which is a felony.

because, he doesnt want to admit that he was caught lyein to you because theres gonna be a chance that you might not believe the next lie he tells

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Not all people lie and have to admit the truth about a lie. The people that do lie and cannot face the truth have been caught in the lie; are embarrassed and immature enough not to be able to admit they lied and why they felt they had too. Then there are some people who have no self confidence that embellish (lie) about their life to make an impression on others and if someone catches them in that lie then that person feels totally crushed. When people tell a lie they are well aware they are doing so and hope not to get caught. Lying only leads to other lies and can hurt other people in the process. So, if a person lies constantly and it is mean spirited and they are found out, the person who lied will try to cover it up with another lie because they are afraid of what others will think of them and they could quite possibly lose friendships in the process.

I would think the most noticeable characteristic to expose a sociopath would be lying combined with a lack of remorse regarding their lies. Understand the difference between various types of deception used by normal people every day and pathological liars. Over a period of time the sociopath is bound to get caught up in his/her lies. The willing victim may choose to downplay the significance of honesty at first but the focus here should be on how the nature of pathological lying impact true intimacy and eliminate the existence of a genuine relationship. The victim should ask themselves if he/she would be able to lie about "X", "Y" and "Z" without feeling remorse or guilt? What would it take for someone to be able to lie about "X", "Y" and "Z"? Does this person really have a conscience? Once the victim begins to evaluate the actions of a sociopath through a truthful perspective they will then see the sociopath for what they really are. In the absence of genuine truth, love and respect the relationship is reduced to a cruel one sided game - a power struggle where position is falsely gained by the sociopath through the use of deception combined by the normal person's ability to genuinely love and desire to be loved. The key is getting the victim to realize this and then more importantly how to safely remove themselves from the relationship once they do.

Not all girls lie, but most do. Both genders sometimes lie as an attempt to get themselves out of trouble. Some people lie just for fun. Many people lie to make themselves look better. The main reason people lie is to not get caught.

No, that's why they are called pathological.

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well the reason people lie is because they are afraid to tell the truth, they feel that if they tell the truth then you will get pissed ir it will hurt u.

i have brothers and they think that sence we want admit to it they believe that we are stupid and we believe them.

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