Should you be afraid of a sociopath when they are caught in a lie?

My dad is a Sociopath. I will continue to believe that until his dying breath he can be helped. Perhaps I'm delusional, but I have to believe that he can be helped. I'm not afraid of him. Even when he gets violent and abusive. I rather get angry because he thinks he has the right to hit my brothers, my mom and sometimes me whenever he desires. This is not right. The Sociopath thrives on the fear that others feel. They get some kind of satisfaction from the fear shown by others. My dad seems to feel some kind of pleasure at the suffering of others. I don't think one should reveal their fear to the Sociopath, but it's naturally human to be scared of such a person. Dayle

Comment: Dayle, above, should seek help from social services or her doctor or someone to connect up with support for victims of abuse.

That said: Sociopaths who lie and are caught at it usually surprise people observing them by NOT responding very strongly -- this is part of how they fool so-called lie-detector tests (which are horribly inaccurate anyway!) -- but here and there, one might fly into a rage if punishment of some kind is imposed along with the exposure of the fraud. In that case, stay safe, stay away.