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Should you be concerned about hawks attacking your 6 dog and what can you do to deter this from happening?

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2007-09-25 19:04:35

Yes, you should be very worried about the hawk. A large hawk can

lift up to 8 lbs. and sometimes more, so if your dogs are puppies

or small dogs, never leave them unattended even once (not even

to answer the phone.) I live in British Columbia, Canada (on

the outskirts of Vancouver) and take my small dogs on the dyke by

the river (one is 21 lbs., the other 15) and I see hawks circling

around. One security guard that patrols the area said a hawk came

down and tried to fly away with a lady's small dog that was on a

leash! Even though my dogs are heavier I keep a sharp eye out for


Hawks have fantastic eye sight and just see prey and your small

dog could appear to be a rabbit, etc., to them and they'll swoop.

Even if the hawk can't successfully lift the dog it can leave some

nasty punctures and tears in the dog's skin which could require

several stitches. TIP: Even if the hawk is an endangered species

in your area and it attacks your puppy or small dog, keep calm, try

to step on it's wings or kick at the hawks head. Hawks are

extremely stubborn about letting their prey go and will fight to

keep it so you have no alternative if you want to save your

dog. There is nothing you can really do to deter hawks, but

keep a 'hawk-eye' out yourself. Your dogs shouldn't be able to run

loose no matter how much acreage you have or how large your dogs

are. There may be other predators such as coyotes (which will send

out the female or a couple of females to entice the dog no matter

how large toward the hidden pack. The rest is history.) When your

dog is outside go out with them. If it's a puppy NEVER leave them

alone and go outside to let them do their business and then have

play time once in awhile. Then bring them in to the safety of the


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