Should you be concerned if a 2-year-old girl is afraid of all men?

If my 2 year old daughter was afraid of all men I would look into her short past and wonder what she has seen or experienced that has caused her to act this way towards men. Was she abused somewhere, are there men in moms life that give her reasons to be frightened and things like that. So yes I feel if your daughter is afraid of all men you should be worried and begin looking deeper into the problem. Parents are always walking on thin ice with their children and their safety. Don't jump the gun as to whether your 2 year old has been molested. When I was that age (so my mother told me) up until I was 5 I was terrified of even a male family member such as an uncle or cousin picking me up. It had nothing to do with having been molested. I was terrified of men with beards as well. No one knows what truly goes on in a child's mind. It could be as simple as a male really not knowing how to treat a baby and making a face at the child or a sound that has frightened that child (all in fun of course.) It is true that molestation can happen as young as 1 - 2 (even to some babies) but it's a very small percentage. Keep an eye on your child (to appease yourself) and be aware, but don't worry yourself into a frazzle and enjoy your little one. In time your child will get use to men, but it's possible it could take until 5 years old just like me.