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I would give your Doctor a call to be on the safe side. I wouldn't be especially concerned unless your experience severe abdominal pains or vaginal bleeding. But do contact your Doctor.

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What will happen if a lady became pregnant after intercourse with two males?

She will still be pregnant but not know which one is the father of the child. If she is concerned she can have a test done with the two males to find out which one it is.

You want to became a pregnant what should you do?

get your boyfriend or husband and have them stick there dicks in you

Which Nickelodeon star became pregnant?

Former star of Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears became pregnant at 16

Can a pregnant woman still have physical or sexual contact for the first trimester?

Generally, yes. Ask your doctor, but usually pregnant women are told that they can do anything AFTER they became pregnant that they were doing BEFORE they became pregnant.

Is there a time when you can became pregnant with the implant in?

Yes. All birth control methods can fail. If you feel that you could be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see a Dr.

Did Nicki minaj became pregnant?


When did Celine Dion became pregnant?

She became pregnant first with Rene-Charles in 2001, and again with twins Eddy and Nelson in 2010.

When should I see a doctor if I think I am pregnant?

If you are having sever pain or sever bleeding, immediately. But if you take a home test 4 weeks after you think you became pregnant, and no abnormalities you should see a doc at the start of your second trimester.

Is Antoinette taus became pregnant?


How do you use concerned in a sentence?

I was concerned that Sophie did not want any chocolate.I was concerned about my dog as he wouldn't play fetch.We became concerned when she didn't show up for work that day.As far as I'm concerned, the deal is done.If you're concerned about getting the flu, wash your hands frequently.Concerned about the child's cough, she brought him to the doctor.

Five week pregnant nipple became hard HPT test positive means could be pregnant?

You Are Are Pregnant. Congrats !

What country became concerned about the large number of American settlers in Texas?


What should you do if your 16 year old daughter just became pregnant?

Get her to a doctor and make sure she gets proper pre-natal counseling.

Has anyone became pregnant after taking Apo Bromcriptine for Hyperprolactin?

Yes, became pregnant twice. The first time I became pregnant after 5 months of starting bromocriptine therapy. I stopped taking the medications, and i had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. Now I have been taking the medication for six months and iam approx. 4 weeks pregnant.

When did you became pregnant?

9 months before the birth.

What did Christopher Columbus do after he returned to Spain?

he became pregnant

How many time does a pregnant women pee?

More than the women did before they became pregnant. They go alot now that the babies put pressure. They should have a monitor to let them know when they need to go to the bathroom.

Can you get pregnant if you have two periods in one month?

This can actually be a sign of pregnancy. When I became pregnant I had a period and concieved, had a week off and then had another period. Take a pregnancy test about 2 weeks after and you should know for sure.

Is Selena Gomez pregnant in the age 16?

No, Selena's Mother Became Pregnant With Selena At The Age Of 16.

Should Finn with be with Rachel or Quinn in Glee?

Finn should be with Rachel because Quinn treats him badly + she cheated on him... she'd do better with puck Finn should be with Quinn. Despite the rockiness in their relationship before she became pregnant, after she became pregnant she started to show her softer more innocent side. Everybody makes mistakes. Rachel is such a loudmouth and gets annoying! in a way, both couples are fine. Quinn has cheated on Finn and he on her. I think Finn should be with Quinn

How old was Mary the mother of Jesus when she became pregnant?

She was 13

Can a cat became pregnant at 6 months old?


What positive effect did Messiah have on George Handel?

he became pregnant.

If you became pregnant after sex would you feel anything the morning after?

No the sperm takes about 3 days to make you pregnant.

Should i ride a horse while I'm pregnant?

Sure. You can do things you have been doing before you became pregnant. I rode my horse every day while I was pregnant. I rode the day before my baby was born. It is not dangerous to the unborn baby if you take normal precautions to prevent accidents.