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it is not necessary to do love marrige.or you can also marry and later get fall in love with your life partner. its up to you . want to love someone and get married to her are just marry some girl chosen by your mother.of course if you want to get married to your loved one. means love than marriege than its ok. or it can marrige than love. this is all up to you. what you want to do.and be careful this decision is about your life.

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Why should marriage?

Why should what? We should get married to show our love to them and why we love them!

Should you love somebody after marriage?

Yes, you should love the person you married.

Should you married a guy who do not do nothing for you married?

you should marry someone because you love them

What do you do if you are married but are in love with someonefrom your past?

If you are no longer in love with the person you are married to, you should get a divorce. You should first explain the situation to the person you are married to, then talk to the person from your past that you are in love with and see if that person shares the same feelings that you do. You should not stay with a person who you are not in love with and you should not cheat. The best way to handle the situation is to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

Im 10 do you feel love?

you can but when you be an adult you should be married

If your married to one guy but in love with another what should you do?

it depends on the realeationship that u have with ur married husband

Do christians believe that you should only get married if you're in love?


Should Hannah and Jordan get married?

they definantly should make sure they love eachother though!

Are you going to get married?

i think you should get married when you truly love someone or is mature enough to handle a comited realationship....

What should you do you are married and have a child he is married and has 2 kids And you are madly in love and he is your ex-boyfriend?

walk away......

What to do when you are married and your husband cheated on you but you still love him but you dont know if you should leave or stay?

if you know he cheated on you, you should leave him because he doesn't love you

Should you get married because you are pregnant?

dont get married only because your pregnamt. you need to love the person. getting married needs to be a lifelong commitment and yes if your pregnant you should get married but dont let that be the only reason that you do. If you do that then it will only end up in a devorce and that would be worse in the long run you you and the baby. if you love the person and the baby is his then you should get married and make it a lifelong goal to be together forever.

Are Zac and Vanesssa getting married?

no!!!!!!!!! they are to young thay should get married even if i dont like because I LOVE Vanesssa

What to do when an affair with a married woman ends she wants to continue a friendship but both are still in love?

You should not be having an affair with a married woman but if you love her and she really loves you more than your husband you should ask her to divorce him! if she doesnt then she might not really love you as much as you think.

Does anyone think that men and woman should get married at different ages?

Age does not matter because if u love someone. Only the Love should matter

Why are Prince William and Kate getting married?

As any couple who wants to get married should, they are getting married because they love each other very much.

Can you tell your wife you love her?

You can and you should. If you married her, you must love her. yes of course you can you must tell her at least once a day

When was Married Love created?

Married Love was created in 1918.

What is the ungest age you can get married at in any place of the world?

If you love sombody you can't put a age on your love and if you wanted to get married at a unge age you should be able to.The laws shouldn't put an age on love like they do.

How do you get back your ex married girlfriend?

You don't. If she is married, she has moved on and so should you. If you love her, love her enough to wish her well. Anything else is selfish on your part; she deserves better than that.

Is it necessary for brothers to love and care for their sisters once she is married?

yes you should always care and love your sister even if she is married, that's what being a sibling is, you look out for each other. :)

In love with married woman?

If you two found out half of you there, both should live together.

Should maryse ouellet be married to ted dibiase jr?

yes because they are in love

What should you do when you fell in love with a married man and you love each other but haven't acted on it but you are both going through a separation and divorce.?

You should either 1) Run away and change your name 2)kill both of the people you married.

What age should you get married?

i think you should get married when you feel it is the time i mean if you feel love, trust, honesty, and the feeling. people do go and get married say if they had sex and the girl is pregnant and they dont get married to get out of their parents house to just have sex with their lover