Should you be jealous if you have a great relationship with your boyfriend but last Saturday you saw him taking pictures with other girls and putting his arm around them?

It depends on what event you were at and what the reason for the pictures were for. If you are out with a group of friends then there is no problem with him taking a pictures with himself and the girls. If you are ever in doubt just say, "Whats that all about?" Let him explain and then tell him you wouldn't mind one day if he took pictures of you with some of your male friends (would look good in your album.) Smile and say nothing more! Men can have hung around with guys and girls before he started going with you and perhaps this is all it is. Don't second-guess or become over-jealous because this will put the flame out on any relationship. In your own crafty way you are capable (without actually saying too much that you don't put up with cheating or open flirting when both of you are going together.