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if i would be you I'll get mad.

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What should you do if you get mad at your best friend for copying you on soccer?

You should say why did you copy me and then just ignore them!

My friend is making a youtube channel where she does music covers and everyone is really excited for her including myself. I was inspired by her and want to do it to. Is it copying and will she be mad?

It will be wrong for her to me mad. Do it and send her a copy. Naturally she should be happy about it.

How do you make a boy mad?

You can make a boy mad just as you would make a girl mad, or any other person mad. Insulting his mother should work fairly well, as should kicking him in the crotch.

What should you do if your friend is mad at you for being mad at another friend for being rude?

apologize, to both them that always works 4 me =)

You hurt your girlfriends feelings by getting mad cause she always talks to her ex what should you do?

Comfront her about the topic or subject that i mad about it

Do not kill the messenger?

It means that you should not get mad at the person giving the message.

What do skiah mean?

Skiah is a nice and loving person.That person will always be on your side.People that makes that person sad or mad is sick cause she will never do it to you.

Should you be mad at your friend if she be trades you for another person?


Should you make a person you have a crush on jealous?

Personally, I think you shouldn't. There could always be that chance that try like you too, and they might get mad if you make them jealous. Then they could end up NOT liking you.

What do you do if you like somebody that always makes you mad?

bcoz in that person we find that quality which we like so we became maad about that

What happen if someone is mad at you?

I think if someone is mad at you then you should try talk about it with that person and if it is your fault maybe you should say sorry and asked if there is anything to make them happy because I believe that everyone should be treated fairly.

Why do guys like getting mad at girls?

I don't really think anyone likes getting mad at anyone else, I mean it's always painful for the person getting mad and the person they're mad at, even those around them are effected in some cases.Teenagers just get mad a lot and that'll always be a thing.Guy and girls get mad at each other all the time and I don't think anyone enjoys it, what's important is that some effort is put towards making everything alright, solving quarrels, and ending arguments.

Why is Donald Duck always mad?

Donald Duck is NOT always mad. He only gets mad when things hurt or annoys him, so leave the poor duck alone.

Should your parents love you?

yes they should they care about you more than anything in this world he is your family and he will always love you even if your in trouble but that's how parents are they get mad Alot the best thing to do is when there mad give them some alone time don't talk to them for a bit then everything should be just fine for you and your family they will always love you no matter what.

What does it mean if a girl is mad at you for no reason?

girls NEVER get mad for no reason there is always a reason, just give her time to forget whatever happened/ what you did and things should go back to normal

You are 19 Should you be mad at yourself for liking a girl that is only 15?

yes u should or are u going 2 be a sick person.

Who is Doofenshmirtz?

If you watch Phineas and Ferb you should know this, but if you don't he is a mad scientist who is always trying to capture Perry the Platypus.

Why is Lil Kim mad at Nicki Minaj?

Because Lil Kim thinks Nicki is copying her style in crazy clothes and stuff..

If your boyfriend gets mad at you but wont tell you why and just wants you to forget about it what should you do?

you should ask him if he is mad and if his tone of voice change then he mad but if it dont change then he is not mad

What is a person with zero IQ?

those person is mad.

How do you break up with a boy and make sure he does not get mad?

It is difficult to do so i should say. Because boys generally get mad at this. If he is a bit of matured he might understand it and would not get mad on you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn't believe you when your sick or tired or your just don't want to ride a motor cycle.He always get mad when you don't want to do what he's want.?

In that case he's not worth it. He's basically treating you like a slave. He should know you better than that, and it's really stupid of a person to get mad at you for that. Talk to him. Tell him how you feel. And if he's still mad at you, he's just not worth it.

What does it mean when your always mad or sad?


Why does your girlfriend always get mad?

How can you tell when someone has mad love for you?

Well, they take your stuff, and make you mad, and always get on your nerves. I this person is a dork, just say no no no! I will not go out with you!ANSWERWhen they respect you, when they show you loyalty. Having mad love for someone isn't being mad lol. First you need to understand that using the word Mad as a adjective in front of any word just means very or alot.

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