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Should you be mad if you've been dating a guy for a year and you found out at his birthday party that he lied about his age and he is not three years older than you but eleven?



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He lied to you because....first, he was embarrassed by the difference in your ages, second, he wanted someone young and impressionable he thought he could control (and apparently did for a year), and third, he's threatened by women closer to his age. Should you be mad? YES you should, because it means he doesn't respect you and he is seriously insecure. The fact that you have to ask says something about your own lack of maturity. This is not the kind of guy you want to build a life with. If he can lie about something like this - afraid of your reaction - I can only imagine other lies he's told you within the last 12 months. If you chose to stay with him, that tells him you're desperate and accept his lying. Just curious....haven't you met his other friends over all this time? If the answer is no, that's another indication that he's been using you. I wish you luck.