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Hi, I am 39 years old and had taken Depo Provera for 4+ years. I stopped taking it in December because I had a BMD Test (Bone Mineral Density)which showed that I have Osteopenia which is a stage before Osteoporosis. I have about half of the bone density that a person my age should have. I'm sure that the longer you take Depo, the increase of the risk of bone related side effects. Before I started taking Depo, the only side effects my doctor mentioned were weight gain and no periods. Since I was 5'7'' and only weighed 110 lbs, I thought this would be a great method of Birth Control for me. I did gain approx. 15 lbs., but just recently was shocked to find out that I am now only 5'6" tall.....I have lost a full inch from my height which causes me some concern. I also experince constant back and neck pain, some hip pain and headaches 3-5 times a week....I feel like I'm 75 years old. I am going for an MRI in Feb. to see if there are any other problems and I'll be surprised if there isn't. Take a moment to search the web....there are Class Action Lawsuits against the drug companies from women seeking damages because of Depo Provera. If I had known the possible side effects of this drug...I never would have started taking it. For a list of possible side effects, go to: The guidelines state that you shouldonly take the shot for 2 years unless there is no other birth controlyou can use. Having said that: I doubt ver much that the depo caused your osteopenia. 5'7 and 110 pounds is seriously underweight and this puts you at very high risk of osteopenia/osteoporosis.

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Q: Should you be on the shot for many years?
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