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Yes...not so much concerned unless you're worried you're pregnant. You may just need a higher dose of horomones, especially if you've been on Birth Control continuously. You should call your gynecologist and make an appointment when you can...until then, be sure to use a condom or something else as birth control.

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Q: Should you be starting your period a week early if you take your birth control correctly and is this something to be concerned about?
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I have been off birth control pills for 5 months but I haven't had but one period since then should i be concerned?

you might not be taking your pill correctly. better seek advice from your doctor.

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If you had your period and you finished last week and a few days later you are bleeding again should you be concerned?

If you're on Birth control, then no, you shouldn't be too concerned. If on birth control, there's something called "break through bleeding".But if you're not on Birth control and are still very concerned, then ask your doctor if you are continuing to bleed a week later.It's happened to me before, but I don't worry about it.But it's better to be more safe than sorry.

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Should you use the withdrawal method if correctly using birth control?

There is no reason to, as long as the BC is used correctly.

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Can you take a plan b if you're on birth control?

You shouldn't need it if you are taking your birth control correctly.

Can you get pregnant on birth control with out a condom?

No. If taken correctly and following directions birth control is 99% effective as a means of protection. In this sense a condom will protect you from a STD rather than pregnancy since the birth control pill prevents pregnancy. ADD: you also have to wait about a month when starting birth control or changing birth control. In the first month, it is not yet effective.

Can you get pregnant if you switch from the birth control patch to the birth control pill?

If you start the birth control pill on schedule, no later than the day on which you would have started the next cycle of the birth control patch, you are protected during the switch. If you were late in starting the pill, you may not have protection until you've taken the pill correctly for seven days.

Could i be pregnant if on birth control but didn't take correctly?

it is possible

How long does orthotricyclen lo take to work?

It sounds like normal birth control. Technically it could take up to a month for your birth control to be in full effect. But this could be different based on they types of birth control you take, This information should be located within the packaging of your birth control. It is a hormone therapy. If you are concerned about becoming pregnant while starting your birth control you should use another form of contraception (condoms). Or just not have sex in that time. (You should probably use condoms anyway just as a safety measure as birth control does not protect against std's.) If you are concerned that you are pregnant you should consult a doctor and stop taking your birth control. Birth control is not an abortion pill (that is something totally different) but it could potentially harm the fetus. A good way to know if you are pregnant is missing periods (if you have been taking your birth control regularly it should be easy to calculate).

Are you safe on the last day of your period if you just finished first pack of pills?

As long as you are not late in starting your next pack of pills, and took the prior cycle correctly, there's no additional risk of pregnancy on the last day of your period. If you're late starting the new pack, use a back up method of birth control until you've taken seven pills correctly.

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