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It depends on how solid your relationship is or if the both of you have been on some type of vacation. Put it this way, I wouldn't be too thrilled if I hadn't had a holiday in a couple of years and my husband wanted to go on a holiday with his buddy and it has nothing to do with jealousy. It's a matter of being considerate of your mate. If you trust your mate then there is no reason two buddies can't go on holidays, but I do think 2 weeks is really stretching it and why couldn't you go along? I would sit down and talk to your mate in a calm manner and tell him that you aren't too pleased about him going away for two weeks and couldn't they shorten this holiday. Only you know how much you can trust your mate. If you are having problems in your relationship then I would be concerned about him going away for those 2 weeks. If he has given you no reason to mistrust him then I would back off and let the two go together. It's really no different than myself going away with another girlfriend for two weeks. Would I? Nope! I like to share certain things with my husband, so I'd probably go away for one week, come home and do something else with my husband. I think that's fair. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Should you be upset if your gay boyfriend wants to go on vacation with a male friend of his?
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