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it is usually happens when you have pulled a muscle in your leg it may take a few weeks to ease but if it goes on longer you should see a doctor. hope that helps bethanie

2008-06-29 16:47:16
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My bf cam in me about 11 times in about 8 days..the next day i started my period.but it was less blood and mostly pink.i usaully dont have cramps but this time was really bad.Should i be worried im P?

you should be very worried. go check yourself out yo.

What to do if you have cramps?

Drinking a warm drink such as a hot tea mostly work for cramps. Cramps happen because of the lack of oxygen that your muscle cells need most. What you should do is to apply heat to the affected area so that the constricted muscles will loosen and so blood will flow again.

Can you feel the first week of pregnancy?

Its mostly pelvic cramps

How does a developing fetus change during its third trimester?

It grows in size Apex

How do you get rid of diarrhea cramps?

i don't really know how to get rid of the cramps Ive got the cramps right now, all i can say is don't ever have paracetamol it will just make the cramps worse mostly if you haven't ate anything hope you get better ; )

Why do you get bad cramps from your period?

Mostly its because your blood and things that happen in your body

What Grades do you need to get into OXford?

mostly you need As and don't get to worried if one of your subjects is a not a A*

How do you get rid of toxics in your body?

Don't think you should be worried about toxics in your body, its mostly natural medicine companies, that scare you off by saying you have toxics in your body which is lies!

Do your stomach remain big after miscarriage?

Only if your pregnancy was big enough say on the your second trimester but normally should go back to normal, mostly it would be your breasts that would be bigger for a month or so then back to normal.

What are short bred cows or heifers?

Short bred cows or heifers are females that are in early gestation or pregnancy, mostly in their first trimester.

What kind of drink would help best for cramps?

midol and some water Many girls I've interviewed about their cramps have said hot tea helps. Mostly some type of herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint, but any type of tea can help to soothe your cramps.

Do DOs wish they were MDs?

No, most physicians are too busy to be worried about their degree. This concern is mostly found in pre-medical students worried more about prestige than medicine or the treatment of patients.

Why can't you swim after eating?

It's mostly old myth, but when you eat quite a bit of your blood flow gets diverted to your abdomen, leaving less to serve the muscles. This increases the risk of you getting cramps if you start doing anything strenuous - whatever it is. Now, getting cramps while on solid ground is mostly a nuisance, but if you're out swimming it can get more awkward.

What are the symptoms of someone who suffers from a bipolar illness?

You can mostly tell if they're often depressed or not. But this is not the only symptoms there are still possibilities of other ones. You should talk with a doctor if you're worried for yourself or other persons you know.

How much does your hair shorten after getting a perm?

im worried about this too, but mostly it will only go up an inch or two.

Period is mth l8 an i stopped my bc 3 mths ago an b4 bc periods were irrgulr but i had thm all the time an didn't nrmlly miss an a wk ago had hrtbrn 4 3 dys str8 now i am hvin lwr bck crmps am i preg?

My back cramps are mostly on the left side but I do have cramps on the right. Also, I have small cramps on the right side of my pelvic area. I had a few severe tearing cramps downstairs but they seemed to have passed.

Can you be pregnant if your body sometimes feels heavy and your breast are numb away from the nipples and you sometimes have a vomiting feeling in your throat?

Yes, it is . These changes occur in your body mostly in your third trimester.

What causes forearm cramps that make my fingers draw up?

Probably just a pinched nerve I get this with fingers cramping and drawing downward and cramps in leg and toes mostly at night but other times just putting on my shoes. Also muscle pulls in my back just by turning.

What do horses mostly eat?

Horses should eat mostly grass or hay.

What kind of makeup is best to cover pimples on your face?

cover up mostly.. though most cover up clogs them more so, I suggest not wearing any. If you are worried mostly about pimples you should try going to the doctor. Cover up will work most of the time, though it also makes it look like a mole, but that's what actresses uses.

What causes abdominal cramps?

Many things do. Mostly a type of cramping or rapid contraction of the smooth muscle. This muscle is found in the digestive system, urinary tract and the reproductive tract.

Why should the Nuclear Bombs be illegal?

they mostly not

What do girls do on their period?

Depending on the kind of person you are on the inside, not your personality... you could have cramps, be very irritable or just plain crabby for a couple days but mostly you've just got to deal with it.

How many weeks into pregnancy should you be before you tell people you're pregnant?

You obviously want to tell you husband, or significant other, but waiting until the end of your first trimester is what is suggested. If things can go wrong, that will happen mostly in the first three months of pregnancy. If you hiding your pregnancy and you want to keep the baby, I suggest that you should wait until you are at least 3 months along.

Is there a difference between cramps and stomach aches?

cramps: can be in several sessions, sharp pains, usually related to periods or other body development stages. stomach ache: usually longer, not very sharp pains. Not usually related to body development or periods, more common, mostly caused from huger, or the need to use the restroom.