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Yes! Don't put up with it! I have male friends I've known before my husband and we maintain our friendships to this day. However, they are invited to my home and usually end up talking to my husband. There was the odd time I did meet one of my male friends for coffee, but I told my husband first. We trust each other. Your wife took marriage vows and she has no right to keep this male friend from you. Me thinks he's invisible and perhaps she is trying to make you jealous. Communicate with her and don't be afraid to ask her what you are thinking and feeling in your heart. She owes it to you! Good luck Marcy I have made friends with many men met through work - if/when it became of a nature that I knew the friendship would last, the first thing I did was introduce them to my husband. Often we would then meet his wife and the four of us would become friends and socialize together.

2008-12-31 22:31:46
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