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I believe that you have nothing to be concerned with especially if it is summertime. It is common for cars to blow off more heat in the hotter parts of the year. There really isn't too much of a change in heat during the winter its just with the cold air around you it's hard to tell. If it still bugs you the the car "feels" hot check your anti-freeze and fill as necessary.

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Your cat has a buble coming out and you can see a tail inside the bubble should you pop the bubble?

my advice is yes, you should, but be extremely careful and gentle, if worried consult a vet

Can anyone track you if your phone is off?

No, it can only be traced when on but if worried, take the battery out. Mind you, if you have not done anything wrong then you should not be worried about the phone being traced by the authorities, they would soon get bored listening to you and Aunt Maud and how the garden is coming along.

What is that brown stuff coming out of your vagina and im only 12 and worried what should i do?

Its blood and perfectly normal ask your mum, dad or sister failing that tell your teacher.

How can you use a sentence with the word cleanliness?

visitors were coming so she worried about the cleanliness of her house

What is a Taurus in your dream?

An EXTREMELY physical sexual partner! A difficult and stubborn adversary! An on-coming car!

In Charlotte's web why did Wilbur worry because of Avery?

because here baby's were coming and she died and he was worried

Should you be worried if your periods 1 day late?

yes and no. if you have been sexually active two weeks prior to your expected period you should wait a week before going to the doctor or taking a home pregnancy test. if not theres nothing to worry about, it should be coming the next day!

Did Sasori ever Fall In Love?

For The looks of it... He Was Worried About His Parents of coming home so... No He wasn't In Love At All.

Are you thrilled or worried about the coming singularity and exponential technology advances?

Thrilled, it means computers are going to get faster and better.

Where is the map sensor on 1995 Ford Taurus?

It's on the side of the large tube coming into throttle body drivers side.

I taste blood what should i do?

nothing it will go away First try and determine where it is coming from. Spit into a napkin and look for blood. If there is any then check the inside of your mouth for a cut. I wouldn't worry about it but if you are worried then get it checked out by a doctor.

When you swim do you stop bleeding when your on your period?

yes, if your worried about the blood coming out as you swim, which rarely happens because of the force of the water, put a cloth in your swimming costume and that should make you feel comfortable, i know this from personal experience

How do you punctuate People coming here people coming there?

It should be--- People coming here! People coming there!

Where should people that are at risk go when a tsunami is coming?

where should people go when a tsunami is coming

Should Oklahoma be worried now that they have dropped 2 straight and have lost the conference lead?

NO, they can still win the conference, and at worst make the march madness. and they playe great without Blake griffin. and he is coming back very soon!!!!!!!

Why did smoke come from the battery of my car and I heard a popping noise and the car won't start 2003 Ford Taurus?

When I started my car I heard a loup pop and smoking coming from the battery and now my car won't start in my 2003 taurus, why?

When will saw 7 come out?

Saw VII (7) is coming in October 22, 2010 but im worried that there going to put it in 3D

What is the main reason Ralph is worried about the boys not coming back to the meeting?

he is worried if jack rapes the boys and touches there nipples and makes them drink there own cum when they are done and make them scream Pablo it is very sad but in the end they see a squirrel :)

A Wrinkle in Time- What is the real problem that has meg worried and upset in chapter one?

her father she is worried about him and meg is always tearing because no one has heard from him, as well mom always tells her that he will be coming home soon but meg is impatient

What if your pet parrot has things coming from skin looks like wood splinters?

I'm not exactly sure what it looks like but most likely it is a pin feather, which is just a new feather growing in and you shouldn't be worried. Most birds molt around spring/summer so you should see new feathers coming in now.

Why was edward so worried about Bella be coming like her?

Because he wouldn't have chosen the vampire life for himself. If he had had a choice he would have just died.....

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