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You should take a pregnancy test to be safe.

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Which country first settled the land that is now New York city?

The Dutch settled first and named it New Amsterdam. Then afterwards the British came over and named it New York, after the Duke of York.

Did the vikings come to Canada before the Europeans?

Yes the vikings came to Canada before the Europeans because the Europeans had to battle the vikings for their territory. Afterwards the Europeans settled.

What does it mean if you dream that you have a child with your ex-boyfriend?

This dream suggests that you have unfinished business with your former boyfriend. It might refer to lingering emotional ties or financial issues or anything else that has not been settled. If you were sexually active with your ex boyfriend and have not had a menstrual period since the breakup, a pregnancy test would be a good idea, if only to put your mind at ease.

What actors and actresses appeared in Settled at the Seaside - 1915?

The cast of Settled at the Seaside - 1915 includes: Aileen Allen as Girl on Pier Gladys Brockwell as Wife Mae Busch as Girlfriend Charley Chase as Boyfriend Fritz Schade as Husband

How do you know if your boyfriend has lost feelings for you?

wen he comes around from time to time and can have a settled conversation with u like if u and him talk about old times together

When was Mildura settled?

Mildura, on the Murray River in Victoria's far northwest, was settled in 1887. The Mildura Irrigation Company was founded on 28 December 1887 by American brothers George and William Chaffey, and the first settlers arrived soon afterwards. However, the district of Mildura had already been given its name on 20 March 1858.

Why is the Earth's core made out of a different compound then the Earth's crust?

It is because heavier compounds settled at the core due to gravity while lighter ones floated above when the whole mass of earth was is molten state.

Can a sexual harassment casebe reopened if settled out of court?

Generally not. Settled is settled.

What countries of South America were NOT settled by the Spanish?

Brazil - settled by the Portuguese Guyana - settled first by the Dutch, then by the British Suriname - settled by the Dutch French Guiana - settled by the French

Who settled in Jamestown?

The English settled there

Who settled in Ecuador?

No one settled there

When was Delaware settled and who settled it?


What immigrant groups settled in pennsylnania?

what were the groups that settled in Pennsyvania? what were the groups that settled in Pennsyvania?

When was Yukon Territory first settled and who settled it?

Yukon was settled by Europeans in the 19th century.

Who settled Delaware?

The French settled Delaware.

When was Massachusetts settled?

MASSACHUSETTS was settled in the 1600s

Where did the Incas settled?

they settled in Chile and Argentina

Who settled in Plymouth?

The pilgrims settled in Plymouth.

Who settled Plymouth?

The pilgrims settled Plymouth.

Who settled the state of Washington?

who settled Washington

When was South Carolina settled?

It was settled in 1670

When was Quebec settled?

Qubec was settled in 1608.

When was Cuba settled?

cuba was settled in 1511

Who settled in massachutetts?

the British settled massachuttes

When was ancient Greece settled?

it was settled in 1800s

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