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No. When a person gets a hard enough "bonk" swelling will result. It is always a good sign if you get knocked pretty hard that you have a bump, because that is an obvious way of telling that your head is healing... If you have sight problems (blurry vision) nausea and/or vomiting, dizziness, or other of these type of symptoms you should get checked out.

2009-01-20 03:23:42
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Does head size depend on gender?

Well no but male does seem to have the bigger head but if it's the forehead worried about then no I have a big forehead and I'm female

What if you jumped on your bed and hit your head on the post giving yourself a small cut on the back of your head what should you do should you be worried if you feel tingling or is it just paranoia?

you should be worried, kid

A door came off its frame and the corner hit me on the head near my hairline just above my forehead Now there's a soft spot there and it hurts Is this normal or should I be worried?

Never hurts to go to the doctor with a head injury.

I got a dent in my head today should I be worried?

Yes, you should be worried if it was not caused by mosquitoes or falliing.

If your four head is growing a third eye what do you do?

Well, first of all if you have four heads, you shoudn't be worried about how many eyes you have. However if you are growing a third eye on your FOREHEAD you should go to an optomitrist.

After a toddler falls and bumps his head and he has a bump on the side of his forehead- what should he do?

You can try putting a cool icepack on their forehead

If you hit your head and got a small bump on your forehead but after 3 days it started to get bigger is it anything serious?

you should probobly go to the docter. & put an ice pack on it.

Lump on the top right side of your head It is painful to the touch and about the size and shape of a small chili pepper you have headaches in about the same area Should you be worried?


Can falling and bumping your forehead on the bathtub cause brain damage?

Any blow to the head may cause brain damage. If you are worried, it is good to go and see a doctor.

What it means having a red colour on baby's forehead after falling?

If the baby hit his head, it's probably just a bruise. If you're still worried about it, ask your doctor.

Should a sixteen year old boy have a fore head?

The forehead is the area of the face between the eyebrows and the hairline. Males and females of all ages have a forehead.

Should you play football with stitches in your forehead?

No, because with stitches in your head, they can get undone and make you bleed

Do people with small foreheads look good in side swept bangs that cover the forehead?

it depends on the face. it the case of a small head it would be nessessary

Why do they call a forehead a forehead?

fore = "before, in front of;" (adv.) "before, previously," From Ger. vor, Goth. faiura, fyrr"for" Hence the front part of your head is your fore-head.If four fingers fit on your forehead then its called a forehead.Because it's at the front of your head.

Should you be worried if your son was hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat?


Should you be worried if your boyfriend may have bumped you on your head?

Only if it was with a hammer or a gun.

What rhymes with forehead?

boar head

Should you be worried about your 2.8 hilux blowing smoke under exeleration can it harm the engine and What is the best fix?

Very worried.. Have the head gasket checked!

Should I be worried medically if a ceiling fan falls onto my head from circa 15 feet?

What is forehead of cow?

The forehead of a cow is the part above the eyes and between the ears on the head of a bovine.

What is perspiration on the forehead?

perspiration on the forehead is secretion of sweat from sweat glands. Example: perspiration on the forehead is there for a simple purpose, cooling down the head.

How can you tell the difference between a narrow forehead and a wide forehead?

You need to look at the person's eyebrows. If their eyebrows are close to the top of their head, they have a narrow forehead.

Should you be worried if you have a small lump that just appeared on the back of your head on the right side and it's painful and could possibly be a cyst?

Yes I think you should worry if you dont know what it is. Go have it checked out at the doctors. It could be anything.

What are the main areas of the head and how do you find them?

The main areas of the head are skull. forehead, ears, nose and back of the head. Run your hands over the skull, beginning from the forehead to the back of the head. Check nose and ears too.

Should you be worried if you hit your head and it feels tender on the back of your head?

you should be calm but maybe see a doc because there was a boy who had a headake and when his mom brought him to the hospital he was ded